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About Lady Tygry

About Lady Tygry Comics

Hi! My name is Tig and I've been producing online comics since 2004. By day, I'm a teacher with degrees in English Language Arts and French Education.

I have been drawing, creating my own characters and telling their stories through a comic format since I was very young.

What Your Continued Support Does:

For the first three years of production, I wrote, boarded, inked, colored, and typeset everything all by my lonesome. This allowed me to create eight new pages a month but on top of my full-time job and other commitments, it was starting to wear me down. With how long the intended story is, I knew it was unlikely I would ever be able to finish it.

Within the last year, I brought in three new artists to take over character colors. Between them, they collectively complete the coloring on five to six pages each week. Quality artists aren't cheap and I am currently handling the funding. 

Patrons are seeing the benefit of this change already with three new updates each week. They are already months ahead of the public release. With continued support, I will be able to better pay the artists, further increase the update schedule, and create more bonus content for patrons.

I also have some mini projects in the works. Should we meet our stretch goals, I will be able to move those extra funds towards increasing production in other fun reveals that I know patrons will love!

What You Get for Supporting Lady Tygry Comics (Explanation of Rewards):

-Patreon Blog: See sketches, tutorials, desktop wallpapers, and one-off comics/illustrations not posted anywhere else.

-Early Access: Get access to new webcomic pages before anyone else, as soon as they are completed. These pages are posted in HD and are not available anywhere else.

-Q/A: Ever wanted to ask a character a personal question directly? Here's your chance to get a response from them outside of the story.

-Goals: With enough support, I will open additional tiers to include options like PDF downloads of existing chapters, 18+ versions, personalized pencil drawings, one-off mini projects, and even more pages per week!

About Unguarded

Unguarded is my fully-colored fan comic. It is free to read on LadyTygryComics and Webtoons.

I wrote the first version Unguarded in the late 90s/early 2000s. In 2015, I decided to revisit my old ideas and publish an updated version online. As a teenager, I first fell in love with DBZ in the 90s and over the years, I was disappointed to see that while plenty of adults continued to create content for the series with which they'd grown up, finding those who wrote for that maturing audience was less common. And thus, Unguarded was born!

Nearly fifty chapters are planned to bring it to its planned conclusion. Currently, I provide a large amount of funding each month to keep a non-profit comic going. While I am happy to do so, this is dependent on my financial situation remaining stable. I have no reason to suspect it will take a negative turn but with your support, you can help to ensure that the comic continues regardless!

It is the support of Patrons like you who will ensure that this comic, along with other original projects, will be published in full.

Thank you for your patronage and continued support! Let's see Unguarded through to the end!
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Currently, I pay my colorists out of my own wages. Should we reach this goal, I will not only be able to send them additional work (which means more updates for you) but we will be able to put the additional funds towards new standalone illustrations, one-shot comics, music videos, animated segments, and more!
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