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Hi, I'm Mike and I use PHP to create open source web applications.

They say, "Necessity if the mother of invention," and so it is with me and these projects. I started out creating a dating app called Amore, but thought it needed a PHP framework to help it along the way, so I created Federama. Federama is nice, but as a framework, it has a bit too much going on, so I recently started working on Torty, which is meant to be a barebones PHP framework that's easy to install and easy to use to build other web applications. 

Along the way, I kept thinking about other apps that would be cool to create with Torty, like Pulse as a microblogging PHP alternative to Mastodon; Hobgoblin which helps me keep track of my music, video, and picture collections; and Sunbeam which is an easy-to-install and configure to MediaWiki. And so many others.

The goal is to get all of the apps coded, release them on a regular basis, and build a fanbase who people who use the software. This current list of projects can be found here.

If you would like to support me and these projects, feel free to make a contribution. Thanks.

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