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Hi! I am Julie Gueraseva and I am an artist, designer, editor and writer. I founded LAIKA in December of 2012 when I saw a need in media to showcase veganism and animal rights activism as the dynamic, innovative and vibrant movement I knew it to be. LAIKA has been opening hearts and inspiring others to action ever since. My life’s mission is to use the power of art and journalism to create a more just and compassionate society and change how people view and treat animals.

Making a high-quality independent publication is no easy task. In order to work with as many talented contributors as possible, I had to forego hiring a staff to keep costs down. I conceptualize all the stories and assign writers, do extensive research, art direct photo shoots, edit articles and design the magazine. In the last five years, I have executed over 150 stories. LAIKA's website is also comprised of original reporting, virtually all of which I write. The site is free of advertising and sponsored content, making it a uniquely objective resource.

LAIKA is self-funded and has no outside investors. My goal is to make LAIKA truly self-sustainable, so I can devote 100% of my time to it and no longer take on other jobs to support myself. Bold grassroots media is needed more than ever, and I want LAIKA to grow and continue for a long time. I've gotten this far with the help of our amazing subscribers and through relentless determination. But there is so much more vital work that needs to be done, and your support on Patreon will be life-changing. 

What Your Patronage Will Fund:

  • Website expenses. Your support will make a much-needed redesign possible and allow us to create infinitely more content and keep it free. It will also cover operational costs like hosting.
  • Publication production. With your Patreon funding, I can continue making LAIKA as impactful as possible. Your support will increase the number of issues I can produce, and the types of stories I can do. It will help cover any necessary expenses like travel for shoots, studio rental and printing costs (on recycled paper in a 100% carbon neutral process of course!) 
  • New media. Your funding will make it possible to create and launch an exciting video project I’ve been developing, as well as expand LAIKA into other realms like podcasts.
  • Events. We want continue having many more free events for LAIKA, including a vegan summit I’m dreaming up. Your Patreon funding will make it possible.
  • My work. Creating this magazine is all-consuming, and your support will allow me to sustain myself as an art director at LAIKA alone, without taking on outside projects.
  • A part-time employee. I’d be able to hire either a Managing Editor to help with putting issues together, or a Social Media Manager to run LAIKA’s various channels (I currently do all that myself). This would take a huge burden off me and allow me to focus on the creative tasks.

It brings me great joy to not only express myself creatively for a compassionate cause, but also provide a platform for others to do the same. LAIKA has championed and featured countless creators, among them photographers like Jo-Anne McArthur, Sammantha Fisher, Timothy Pakron; artists like Holly Exley, Ruby Roth, Sue Coe; journalists like Teresa Rhyne, Mark Hawthorne, Evan Shamoon, and so many more. By supporting LAIKA, you are also supporting their work.

Because LAIKA produces so much original content, there’s tons of unpublished extras from every issue, like additional photographs, extended interviews (with the likes of Cory Booker!), behind the scenes images and videos. Patreon would be the ideal platform to share these with you guys. You can also expect lots of cool stories about the process of making the magazine, along with sneak peeks of future issues. LAIKA has always been about cultivating community, and I want Patreon do be an extension of that.

If you like LAIKA, please consider supporting it, and its creator, through Patreon. Anything, from $1/month up, will be immensely helpful to the cause. Making LAIKA for you guys is a thrill and honor. Nothing is better than knowing that this publication has empowered someone, made them feel proud and inspired them to be their best! With your support by my side, anything is possible.

Thank you for being a part of my work!

Special thank you to Kenny Wong for filming and editing the video.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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