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is creating A Candle Burning Ministry (i.e Setting Lights)

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Hi! I'm  Lainie Petersen and I operate a  candle burning ministry . Since early 2017, I've been setting lights for people in my (non-operational) fireplace and livestream the candles on Facebook. I've set hundreds of candles for people during this time, and some people have asked how they can help.

My ministry is eclectic: While I am ordained (even went to seminary and everything), I set lights for people of all faiths, as well as those who aren't religious. Lighting a candle for someone is, first and foremost, a way of honoring that person with attention. I'm happy to do this for anyone, regardless of their religious views (or lack thereof).

While I do have an  Amazon Wish List of candles and accessories, and many people have been kind enough to drop off candles for the ministry, additional funds would assist me in purchasing candles, lighters, oils for dressing the candles, and candle holders. I would use Patreon funds over and above the cost of my supplies to produce instructional videos and blog posts on candle work. I would also use excess funds as well as to advertise and promote this ministry.

Your patronage will help this ministry to grow and flourish. I appreciate your support.
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When I reach $50 in pledges, I'll begin a twice-monthly video class on candle work.
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