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I poke you with sticks and croon softly

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I'll only poke you with pretend sticks but I will croon softly in the Earth's own secret language while uploading posts about writing, brain stuff, weird things I just learned, weird things I just made up, what I'm working on, what I'm supposed to be working on, and how much I like you. A private blog, basically, updated at least weekly, available only to you.

Plus, for a limited time, you can read the first unlocked goal reward, It Will Be Stranger If There *Weren't* Dragons! 

  • read my secret journal

I lay wounded birds at your feet

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...but only because I have total faith in you to heal them and not make tiny wind chimes with their bones. 

You'll get access to the journal and soft crooning, with the addition of fragile feathered beasties aka FICTION EXPERIMENTS THAT ARE IN NO WAY GUARANTEED TO MAKE SENSE OR HAVE PROPER ENDINGS. They might turn to smoke or they might end mid-sentence, and they'll probably include things like ghost town rivalries, itinerant knife sharpeners, a museum of apricot trees, and the girl who dated Winter (the season), got pregnant with a snow baby and moved to the moon. 

You'll also get access to our patron-only DISCORD SERVER, where the community can connect in chats, do writing exercises together, and more, and you'll be invited to A MONTHLY ZOOM MEETING, where I might read you something in progress, show/tell you stuff that's not public yet, and answer questions! 

Includes Discord benefits
  • read my secret journal
  • fiction experiments
  • monthly livestream & chat
  • access to all unlocked goal rewards
  • Access to private Discord message board & chat rooms

I hide weird stuff in your house

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...stuff that may or may not be alive, so be vigilant (and sleep with your mouth closed). 

At this tier you get the soft crooning and fragile beasties, access to the Discord server and Zooms, and you'll get to occasionally VOTE ON WHAT MY NEXT FICTION EXPERIMENT will be...

Plus, I will delight in STEALING YOUR NAME in order to people my stories with bizarre facsimiles of you. You might pop up anywhere, doing anything: kissing monsters, tap-dancing poorly, hiding magical tomes in your step-mother's oven, or hunting a shapeshifter over the taiga. Don't worry so much. Just sell me you name. What could go wrong? *cackles and cracks knuckles*
Includes Discord benefits
  • read my secret journal
  • fiction experiments
  • monthly livestream & chat
  • your name belongs to me now, mwa ha ha!
  • vote on monthly fiction experiment
  • access to all unlocked goal rewards
  • Access to private Discord message board & chat rooms



About laini taylor

Hi, I'm Laini Taylor, and I write about artists and monsters, librarians and gods (and artist-monsters and librarian-gods!), warrior angels, puppet makers, alchemists, resurrectionists, and dreamers. My books include the international bestselling Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and Strange the Dreamer duology, plus National Book Award finalist Lips Touch, and more. I'm currently writing a secret book that won't be secret for too much longer (eep!), and have some other projects coming together backstage that I can't wait to share. 

A few different thoughts have been twining around in my brain and have finally twined together to produce the idea for this space. One: I want to write more things. There are all these stories fizzing in my brain, and I can get so one-track when I'm writing a novel that I don't make time for them. But I want to! And two: I miss the kind of online community I had back in the blogging days of 10-15 years ago, before Twitter and Instagram replaced that big, generous space of lingering and connection with the tiny, cramped one of scrolling and liking. So I wondered if I could create something like that, with the goal of making it a community space with chats and a forum where we can hang out (our private Discord server!) and even do weird writing exercises together, and just talk about stuff. I want to be more playful and less anxious about short fiction and use this space to write for fun, including some stories set in the worlds of my books, with characters you both know and don't know, and MORE. Could I post messy drafts of wild ideas here for your eyes only? I CAN ONLY HOPE! 

So that's the idea! Subscribe at any level and the first thing you'll get is access to at-least weekly posts about craft, process, writing difficulty, my personal strategies for working through block, and more. I'm really excited! Lets do this :) 
500 - reached! patrons
It would be amazing to hit 500 patrons! If I do I'll take you back aboard the Astral to check in on the crew and see how the travels are going. Specifically, I've written a Thyon and Ruza story I'll share. I absolutely loved writing it and can't wait to show you! <3
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