Leann Maxwell-Burr

is creating Handcrafted Sterling & 14K Rose Gold Jewelry



About Leann Maxwell-Burr

Stay tuned! Im an old dog learning new tricks..... your patience is greatly appreciated! Here is the readers digest version of my story and what I am up to:

Objective: to create a special membership program for my most fabulous clients, and to allow those who love my art, but perhaps dont need any jewelry, to help me make a difference!

I create artisan jewelry from Sterling & 14K Rose Gold, by hand, using traditional metal smithing techniques. It is time consuming, yet I LOVE IT. I pour my soul into each aspect of every unique piece. I sell my art at juried art fairs and festivals, and would sometimes teach what I know to those who want to learn. I receive complements on my work, and have a few buyers here. And, the reality is, that the ratio of "Ooooh I LOVE that" to "I would like to purchase that", is not in my favor. Truth be told, I dream of a time where more folks would have the appreciation for and be willing to pay for hand labor, versus mass produced jewelry.

An additional "setback" for my art at the moment? I gave up my studio to house my special needs brother. Family is more important than anything. I am currently unable to rent studio space, yet I pray that changes in my future. I dream about it all the time! I am ready.... I trust the universe to create that as my reality .....

Actually, I dream of a day, where all artists can make a living ....doing what they LOVE to do.

There's so much more to say, but for now.... here I am, investigating Patreon as an option to help grow my business. It is very very hard to ask for help.... AND with a little...I could do great things for others with my biz. I could donate jewelry to women just getting back into the work world, I could take high school apprentice students, I could teach seniors... I am sure the list is endless, and there are so many ways to make a difference that Ive never even thought of.

In closing (for now) I am currently just learning about Patreon, so If I have approached this all wrong... please forgive me... I will be working on a more official launch in the next couple of months. 

Stay Tuned!!

Wishing you lots of Love and Laughter!
Leann Maxwell-Burr