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About Layla Explain

What is this all about?

As you are probably aware, I left my full time job as a social worker in order to pursue Lalalaletmeexplain full time as I was unable to continue to juggle the two. Obviously I needed to be able to make money from this in order to live but I did not feel that it was right for my page to make money from advertising or promotions (although if Durex want to send me some money I wouldn't say no). I didn't want to have to rely on trying to sell people things, so when someone mentioned Patreon to me I thought it was a great idea. 

Patreon is a subscription service for writers, musicians, artists and other creatives which allows people who appreciate their work to contribute financially to keep it going.   

Patreon is for people who love my Instagram captions, or lives, my podcasts, or blogs, my stories and polls, and who would miss my page if it was gone. I try to keep most things free so that everyone can access them regardless of their financial situation, but I can only continue to run this page if I am able to earn a living from it because it takes up a huge amount of time. 

How is this going to work?

I know that for many people money is quite tight and so I want to offer some different tiers so that you guys can give as much or as little as you can afford. You can cancel, decrease, or increase your pledge at any time, you are not tied into a contract. Make sure you message me when you sign up so I can add you to my close friends list on Instagram as most exclusive patron content happens on there.

The main benefits of being a patron are:
You are added to close friends stories. 
You can ask for advice in the DMs anytime (but only if its a brief question)
You will be able to attend the patron only events
You will have opportunities to come on my podcast
I use patrons services for anything that I need to spend money on - for example - for my events, the hairdresser, make up artist, party planner etc were all patrons. 

What is the background to all this?

If you have read my blog My First Love about Ashley then you will know some of this already. When Ashley went to prison I was devastated but it actually changed my whole life and my career. I started off doing a diploma in counselling at college, this led me to training as a Sexual Health and Relationships Educator. I worked for the NHS teaching SRE for 3 years in schools, colleges, youth clubs, sexual health clinics and prisons. During the same period of time I was volunteering for the Prisoner's Family's Helpline giving advice and information to people who were struggling to cope with the loss of loved ones who were in prison. I was also volunteering at Holloway Prison in the visitors centre helping incarcerated Mothers to rebuild relationships with their children.

I realised that I wanted to do more of that kind of work and so I completed an Access to Social Work course and then I completed a BA hons in Social Work from which I graduated with First Class Honours. During my one year placement and throughout the summer breaks I worked for a charity in the resettlement department of two London Male prisons helping men who were due for release to reduce the likelihood of reoffending once they were out. My second placement was in an HIV team at a busy London hospital. Following the completion of my degree I went on to work with trafficked women and sex workers, then homeless adult substance users before I finally found my true passion and started working with vulnerable families. 

I worked in a variety of different roles and settings throughout my 11 year career where I gained significant experience of working with, and helping to change, toxic relationships, negative behaviour patterns, and difficult and dangerous family dynamics. I have worked extensively with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. I also have vast experience of working with child sexual exploitation, gangs, youth violence, mental health, neglect, and all forms of abuse.  I completed a post-graduate diploma in educating and enabling others and I have completed on-going training throughout my career. 

Unfortunately over the past few years the UK has had a government who believe in taking from the poor to give to the rich and services have been cut drastically meaning that whilst my clients were becoming more and more vulnerable my colleagues and I were being given less resources to help them. I began to fall out of love with my career because I just didn't feel like I was doing any good anymore. But where I did feel like I was doing well was on my instagram page. 

I felt like I had helped more people on there in a year than I had in a long time at work. And so last September I decided to put my all in to it. My professional background means that I am equip to safely give advice and point people in the right direction, it also means that I have lots of knowledge and experience that can help people to make changes. My personal experience of encountering millions of fuckboys and generally being unable to apply the advice I give so well to others to my own life (up until I had an epiphany two years ago - the blogs take you through how all of that came about) is really the thing that I think makes people relate to my brand of honest, raw, and real advice, because I've been there, a hundred times over, and so I feel you...I really fucking feel you. 

The Important Legal Bits and what Not

Before you decide to make a pledge on here I would like to make a couple of things very clear. If you decide to go for a tier that involves one to one sessions (or you ever receive one to one sessions from me in any context including the Instagram Live sessions and podcasts)  you need to know that this is not an official counselling or therapy session and that I do not purport to be a Psychiatrist, Doctor, Therapist, Counsellor or medical practitioner. My service is not a substitute for seeking expert medical advice or therapy. I am simply able to offer my own opinion on your situation, and I (the advisor) accept no responsibility for any act or omission undertaken by any recipient of advice (a "Recipient") and owes no duty of care to the Recipient (whether under contract, law or otherwise). Any act or omission taken by a Recipient following any consultation with the Advisor is the sole responsibility of the Recipient. For the avoidance of doubt, the Advisor is not, and does not purport to be a qualified psychiatrist or doctor.

Basically, you have to agree not to sue me under any circumstances. Whether its to do with data protection, poor service, an emotional trauma on you, you have to accept that I accept no liability or responsibility for any outcome as a result of you receiving my advice (unless you find it super helpful, in which case I take full credit). The advice I give is based on my own personal opinion and is by no means the only way of dealing with a situation. By pledging to any of the Tiers you are acknowledging that you have read this and that you agree to the stated conditions. If you do not agree or understand this disclaimer then you should not make a pledge. 

Any information that we discuss will be kept completely confidential unless you tell me something very serious that would need to be reported to the Police or other authorities in order to keep you or someone else/other people safe. 

There will be a couple of weeks throughout every year that I take some breaks - I will warn you all in advance of that. There may also be times where unforeseen circumstances such as sickness may arise that require me to take a couple of days off,  I will ensure that I keep you all informed, even if I can't directly post any proper content for a couple of days. Advice sessions will be booked on a first come first served basis and it may not always be possible to fulfil your appointment but I will always endeavour to ensure that the time is made up to you subsequently. 

Podcast recording is also subject to guests and studio availability and therefore there is no guarantees around the frequency of uploads. 

In order to be eligible to have your name credited in my book, or to be invited to an event or the book launch, you will need to have subscribed for a consistent period of minimum 12 months. 

Refunds are not available regardless of the circumstances. Tiers are subject to change at the discretion of the page admin. Patrons will be notified of any changes. 

500 - reached! patrons
When I reach 500 patrons I will run a competition to find two patrons who want me to turn their story of empowerment into a blog or a podcast. 
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