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Merci for your support! Now that you’ve joined me on this new platform, you’ll have access to the Your Purpose is Beauty Exclusive podcast episode feed and the L'Amour Patreon feed. You can add the RSS link for this podcast feed directly to your podcast player of choice, and new episodes made just for this community will publish the first Monday of every month. In the L'Amour Patreon feed you'll get to see behind-the-scenes snippets, photos that never make it to Instagram (and a photo here and there of Baby L'Amour!), video archives of Instagram stories and IGTVs, music Mondays, recommendations for places and things I'm loving beyond monthly favorites, and anything else I think you'd enjoy. A feed of curated L'Amour ephemera...

aux urnes (podcast + video)

$7 / month
Have you been wishing I’d address a specific topic, or focus in greater detail on something I’ve only touched on in passing in past videos? Here’s your chance to influence L’Amour content… by voting in a monthly poll, and then having access to a 10+ minute Patron-only video (most end up being closer to 30 minutes!) where I dig into the topic that receives the most votes each month. As with all Patreon content I'm able to delve into more personal or potentially controversial topics that are suited to the more intimate community here. 

Live Q+A chaque mois (pod + vid + live)

$15 / month
I spent years answering questions one-on-one through petit conseils, and I now want to broaden that same experience out to benefit and engage more people in this community. On the last Thursday of each month I will host a live q+a for a minimum of 1 hour, or however long it takes to answer all questions asked. Unlike general q+a videos or podcasts I will answer questions that relate to more controversial or personal topics. If you aren't able to make the time or day on a particular month, questions can be submitted in advance. All live q+a's will be archived and available to watch on playback indefinitely!



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During the month of September 2020, I am trying to reach a goal of 199 Patrons. Once I reach this goal I will be releasing full transcripts of every episode of my podcast, Your Purpose is Beauty, thereby increasing accessibility of the podcast and providing an easy way to reference past episodes and search for information that piqued your interest. Podcast transcripts will be posted with each episode post on lamouretlamusique.com. When you become a Patron, you gain access to almost 3 years worth of bonus content, including exclusive podcast episode, monthly bonus videos, individualized video-based correspondence, and weekly live get ready with me’s that are archived indefinitely.
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