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Get high resolution digital prints, as well as access to exclusive comics, and digital PDFs out of older out of print comics here.

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Pdfs of any of the webcomics turned into physical copies as well as the previous tier.
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You'll get a physical copy of the webcomics turned physical copy, access to deleted/alternate scenes from my webcomics, along with the previous tiers.
Color is overrated.
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Black and white art commission, access to first draft scripts of my comics, and previous tiers.
Actually, b&w is overrated.
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Full color art commission and previous tiers.




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About Alvaro

Hello there! I am an SVA student and I have been making webcomics for well over 10 years! I will always have free content available also. This is mostly just another way to interact with people and hey, if you have the spare money to hep a creator out, much appreciated! Also, to anyone who has read or somehow found my comics online and have been reading, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! :)
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$40 a month is enough for materials going directly into materials for comic making and art making.
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