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Patrons who donate $1 per month will receive a 9 x 12 drawing from my sketch book every 4 months. 

My sketchbook is where I develop ideas, draw from life, and do more gestural drawings. 

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Patrons who donate $5 per month will receive a print of an original sculpture, painting, or collage every 4 months.  

Prints are 12 x 9  full color images on cardstock. 

2D Artwork
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Patrons who donate 25$ per month will receive an original work of 2D art every 4 months. My 2D works are oil paintings on stretched canvas, charcoal drawings over oil paint, or studies for 3D work on 11 x 14 high quality paper.  




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About Lance

My name is Lance Layman. I am a professional artist and high school art teacher. However I live in an area that doesn't have much of an art market at all. 

This is where Patreon comes in. Think of Patreon as sort of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign. I will still be posting my work on facebook, twitter, and instagram completely free. This is just a way for you to invest in the work of an emerging artist. Patrons will receive original artwork and prints in exchange for the donations. 

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This goal is based on my monthly art expenditures. Meeting this means that I won't be losing money making art. 
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