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About Landcruising Adventure

Welcome to Landcruising Adventure's Patreon page. Join us on our ongoing, 16-year-long journey in a vintage Land Cruiser. We will take you to Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Iran, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia and many other corners around the world.

Leave the mud, dunes and broken bridges for us to conquer; just sit back and relax and you will get insightful stories and awe-inspiring photos. We will make you part of our world where you will meet beautiful people on every corner.

Are you ready? Buckle up and let's go: 

Who are we & What do we do

We are Karin-Marijke and Coen, two Dutch wanderers. In 2003, we sold our belongings, bought a beat-up Land Cruiser and patched it up. We left Europe and got infected with the overland bug.

Through our stories we show the beauty of the world: mind-blowing landscapes, rich (historic) cultures, and – most importantly – the incredible kindness of people. You will read numerous examples of people helping others and providing hospitality to strangers while our photos epitomize how wonderful Mother Earth is (landscape or culture wise) and how she’s worth preserving.

Our stories provide a healthy and necessary antithesis to the overwhelming media coverage that focuses on the bad and negative side of the world. Sharing them is our tiny contribution to making our world a better place.

With every story we have a choice: To write it for a magazine and get paid, or to upload it to our Landcruising Adventure website. Everything we publish on the website is for free. You don’t need to be a Patron to access our stories.

But, how can we keep the website going without cluttering it with ads and sponsored posts?

The plan

The Land Cruiser is thirsty, needs maintenance and, let's face it, we need to eat too. The website has its own expenses – think bandwidth/hosting, paid plugins, equipment, as well as our hours to create great content.

Here is where Patreon comes in.

For the price of a liter of fuel a month you become our patron. As little as $1/month is helpful, anything more a bonus. Your pledge and donations will help us produce the best content we can make, whether in stories, photos or drone movies.

What’s in it for you?

In return for being part of our adventure you:

1. Get exclusive access to our previously published print issues, which you can download as PDFs.

2. Can download our awesome DIY Paper Cruiser for free (retails at $10).

3. Can chime in with ideas about Coen’s designs. He will share sketches for a T-shirt or other goodies ideas on which you’ll be able to comment. It will be like working together to get a better final design.

4. Get early access to videos. Watch Russia’s mind-blowing taiga filmed from above with our drone or the rescue mission with a tractor after the Land Cruiser got stuck in a river near Lake Baikal.

If all this feels right to you, we’d love to have you on board. Thanks for being part of the adventure and enjoy the ride!

Karin-Marijke & Coen

N.B. If you’d like to contribute but not each month, find our one-off donation page here. Alternatively, one of the best contributions you can make is by giving us exposure, which is immensely important for freelance entrepreneurs like us. Share our stories and place a comment, or sign up for our newsletter. Thank you!

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