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Join the Landon Austin Music Family! (Mango Army)

$1 /creation
You will have access to my Patron only feed where we can communicate! You will also have access to other Patron only perks - think previews of upcoming projects and things like that. Thank you so m...

Free Music Tier!!

$3 /creation
This is the free song download tier!! Anytime I'm about to release a music video I'll upload the download for the song here first for you guys! You will also have access to the Patron only feed :)

Sing Along / Livestream Tier!!

$5 /creation
I want to give you guys something special! When I upload a music video I'll upload the karaoke tracks so that you can sing along. ALSO!! Anytime we have a patron only livestream YOU are invited! 

Name in the Credits!!

$10 /creation
You guys are what I like to call my "Gold Sponsors" And to thank you I want to include you in the credits section of my videos - think movie credits.  I always thank my patrons at the end of my vid...

Postcard Tier!!!

$20 /creation
Thank you so much for your support! You are a Gold Sponsor and I want to send you postcards every other month. 

Previous rewards included - credits in my videos, karaoke tracks, song...


Gaming Tier!

$35 /creation
Spots limited! This is a fun one :) This is my gaming tier. For 30 minutes every other month we can play an online game like Mario Kart, minecraft, or something. We'll figure it out :)


Special Sponsor!

$50 /creation
Wow! You are very generous! Thank you so much for supporting me at this tier. I'll be honest. I dont' know what the reward is for this right now. Is there anything that you would like? Lets figure ...

$100 /creation
You are incredible! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me here. I think its appropriate that we do a monthly 1-1 skype for 30 minutes. I'd love to get to know you more.

Previous reward...


Sponsorship Tier!

$300 /creation
I will feature your brand/website/company/channel/anything you like at the end of the video and link to it in the video description. We will discuss more details prior the video being posted. If yo...