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Hi! I'm Lane Moore, writer, comedian, producer, director, actor, and musician and no, I do not sleep. Thank you for asking!

I just wrote a #1 best-selling book and audiobook (!!!) called How To be Alone, and a TED Talk by the same name, and I'm currently working on making the second IWR album, and other musical projects, and I would make a music video every single week if budget and time allowed. I want to make so many t-shirts and buttons. And tour the world and write 50 more books.

I host/produce a monthly Tinder LIVE! with Lane Moore hit comedy show that is the most fun thing in the world, and I'm also touring the world with it hooray. I was previously the sex & relationships editor for, where I wrote funny and sometimes serious stuff about body positivity, LGBT issues, gender, consent, mental illness, and of course, Tinder, yes. I also won a GLAAD award for helping to make Cosmo super gay. That was rad.

My band, It Was Romance, was named BUST Magazine's Best Band of 2015 and our first record was featured and praised by Pitchfork, Village Voice, and BuzzFeed. I directed our second music video for our song "Hooking Up With Girls" and it was featured in Entertainment Weekly, NYLON, Billboard, The Huffington Post, The Onion's AV Club, New York Magazine, The New York Observer, The Guardian, VICE, BUST Magazine, Refinery 29, and numerous others. 

Is that enough things? I'm sleepy and now want cake.
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