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Hello Langfocus fans and fellow language enthusiasts! Since early 2015 I have been making videos about languages and linguistics on my Youtube channel "Langfocus". Thanks to you the Langfocus channel now has over 300,000 subscribers! But it is definitely a very time consuming activity. I normally spend around 100 hours creating each major video (that`s no exaggeration!). Your support will help me to continue dedicating as much time as possible to Langfocus, and to keep improving my content. 

My most popular videos include:

Language Profiles

In creating my language profile videos I take a huge amount of information about a language and condense it down into a 10-15 minute multimedia presentation. Viewers often comment that they learned more about the language in 15 minutes than they learned in a whole semester at school!

Language Comparisons

In my language comparison videos I do an in-depth comparison of the features of two languages that are closely related, or mistakenly perceived as being closely related, to see just how similar or different they are.

Topics in Language and Linguistics

I also create videos about interesting topics or questions related to languages and linguistics, and videos explaining important linguistics concepts and terminology.

Langfocus is different because it's not a polyglot channel, and doesn't focus on me and my language ability. My main motivation is to create fascinating content for language enthusiasts, and to inspire others to love languages and linguistics as much as I do.
35% complete
If I reach this goal, I will reduce my university job down to mornings only so I can dedicate more time to LangFocus. I don`t want to quit entirely, because I love my job! But I`d love to get out of there early everyday and have more time to dedicate to the channel. :)

This probably won`t happen for a long time! But hey, it`s ok to dream, right? :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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