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Language Learners Journal 
( launched in 2016, originally as a blog inspiring language learning. Language Learners Journal offers FREE minute 20-minute online mindful mentoring sessions, meetup groups in the local community and other events both on and offline. We are always open to articles and collaboration work with other members of the wider language learning communities, teachers, and polyglots. I am working hard to expand contributors, writers, and readership.


When Trisha the founder of Language Learners Journal and host of the #15x100Challenge first started secondary school she really struggled with English, let alone learning foreign languages! But then she started to make real progress with her learning, especially in French. Initially the teachers accused her of cheating and made her redo her work under close supervision – however, it soon became apparent that a switch had finally been activated and the progress she was making was real. Trisha went on study psychology to postgraduate level at university and then studied a diploma in history at the University of Oxford!

What was Trisha doing differently?

She was applying a more holistic approach to learning that included using simple mindfulness practices, positive thinking strategies, improved productivity and time management skills. Trisha is passionate about learning new things, especially languages.

I know what it is like to struggle, get stuck or even feel isolated as an independent learner. Drawing from my personal experiences as a fellow language learner and my professional knowledge of mindsets and how the brain works I want to help you achieve your language goals. This is why I have created 'Language Learners Journal' and launched the ‘#15x100Challenge. 
With Brexit, Language learning in the UK is now more important than ever, yet one of the first things to be cut in schools and adult education programs is funding,”  Language Learners Journal is a global community, based in the UK. Opened to everyone willing to learn a new language providing you put in the required effort.”

I have turned to Patreon, in the hope that you, our regular readers, contributors, fellow entrepreneurs, and business owners see the value in this project and might be willing to support us. Your very kind regular contribution will help to keep us to remain ad-free, only promoting language learning/mindfulness resources and cover the running costs of the website. This means we can continue to support language learners as well as being able to create higher quality and more varied content for you in the future. We support language learners both online and offline especially in areas of deprivation. By creating an awareness of other cultures we hope to connect communities.

What you get in return:

This Patreon page is meant to give something extra special to those who support Language Learners Journal on a regular basis. It works a little like Kickstarter but is for ongoing projects like Language Learners Journal. Here are a few examples of rewards (see a full list in the sidebar). The dollar amounts listed for rewards are the minimum monthly payment necessary to receive that reward.

  • Your name on Language Learners Journal (From $5) - To acknowledge and thank you as an ongoing supporter. You will also have regular shout-outs across social media to my audience of 5000+, mention in the next version of my book and/or in the sidebar of the main site. If you run a project of your own, a link could give you a nice boost!
  • Access to my Private Facebook Group (From $5) - You first set a language learning goal  Then, every 28 days, you report your progress to the supportive community. I offer personal feedback in writing both on your goals and your progress. There are weekly themes and challenges, and it's a great way to keep accountable or give you a nudge in the right direction.
  • Early bird access to new products (From $10)  - When I release new products, I test them with a small group of language learners, polyglots, educational psychologists and teachers before the official launch, usually at a heavily discounted price. I have done this for my books  and my Udemy course. It's first to come first serve basis only, but supporters get priority access.
  • Priority access to review copies of my books and courses (From $20) - I receive a fair amount of people asking to test or review my products and services. Apart from helping me get a better view of the product in question, you also get to try out any new courses or read my books for free. You will also be able to influence the content I am putting out. Availability is, of course, limited to the offers I get; first come first serve, but supporters get priority access. 

What I Hope to Achieve

There are a lot of things I want to do with Language Learners Journal, but here are some examples:
  • Extended free language learning resources.
  • Additional community-based language events and conferences both on and offline.

Your support contributes directly to the future development of Language Learners Journal.
Thank you, all these projects take a lot of time and won't be possible without support from people like you, which is why your support matters so much to me. It is very much appreciated!

Please consider making a contribution to enable Language Learners Journal to continue to support others. Let us know what language learning resources you would like to see more of in the future?  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or connect on our Facebook page
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