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We want to thank all the homeschool mothers, educators, bilingual parents, cross-cultural families, English teachers, and language learners out there who have been following this journey!

We have been in this for five years now, and there have been joyful moments of sharing success stories with other parents who are plodding along with their children in foreign language learning,  but also slow grinding steps towards bridging a new language learning gap we see in today's market of language programs. We have loved this journey; the experiences had, friends made, and language learning wisdom discovered. 

We are so thankful to announce we have reached a point where we can make all our content COMPLETELY FREE and available to the whole world of language learning families! Now we want to team up with people like you who want to/have already benefited from our curricula or website to create even more unique resources for language learning! 

Will you join our community of parents and educators committed to helping your students and children learn a new language in ways that are:
developmentally appropriate, 
linguistically sound,
culturally revealing,
and relationally practical?

Thank you!!

Christine and Alyssa (creators, web-developers & co-authors)

Your monthly pledge will be supporting the website hosting and new language learning program experiments we will be attempting in 2018, including video-based resources for specific languages.

If you have already enjoyed using our curriculum (Kindle version of LL4C or Language Mama Planner) please post about your experience on the COMMUNITY page so others can hear your language learning story!

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