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is creating videos, DND maps, animations, retro gaming, improv and more!
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About LAN House

LAN House is made up of three Twitch broadcasters that want to bring more to the table than just your regular gaming streams.

We are Aly (Shryku) Joe (Bizsnes) and Jordan (BaronSheep)

We want to show you true variety and help people wanting to grow their channels and learn new skills! We will be working together, separately, in pairs, and maybe even just coaching people on their channel so it will be an adventure! Come along with us!
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Once we get to $300 we will be able to support an IRL backpack stream! We will be able to afford the monthly data package, camera, and other minor things we need to get this up and running! We will be able to take you along with us on hikes and teach you about nature and survival skills!

Edit: CAMERA ACHIEVED! Now all we need is the goal to support the data package!
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