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These stories are life-long projects in the making.
As we make them, we are sharing the process.


All of our stories are character driven and rooted in slice of life. They have comedy, action, adventure, and more, yet they are based in the simple daily activities of the characters and their relationships. Every story takes place in connection with 30 Worlds that are all very different from one another. Each carrying an otherworldly essence. The relationships between characters mirror the relationships between Worlds.


T. T. is a collection of 30 short stories presented in a sequence of multimedia pages.
Premise: Visiting four characters from each of the 30 Worlds, we get a glimpse of what's happening in their lives. Each of them navigates their World with a wholly different way of living than most of the people in their environment. Leading by example, others begin to follow their lead and understand the wisdom they live by. Each person who is influenced begins to see what they can also do to better themselves and the way they live in their unique World.


H. H. is a pixel art video story.
A Reality-hopper gets lost. Some of his friends go looking for him. Their objective is to gather specific people from various Realities who can help, and the mix of otherworldly characters find fun things to do in the different Worlds along the way.

Detailed Premise:
Robynn Archana, running a complex global food delivery operation from a mountainside, was approached by the World-Hopping ‘Master’ Gu. Together they built a World-Hopping transportation vessel. They then came up with instructions to follow to help each other ‘Reset’ to their own World if they got lost between what Gu called ‘Reality-Overs.’ The day eventually came where Gu didn’t return.

Robynn began the first steps of the rescue mission just as they planned. The objective? To bring together many ‘Heroes’ that Gu met across the many different Worlds, to form a beacon of energy that would guide the way back to Reality for anyone who wandered too far off the path. To bring about a light that acts as a reminder to the lost.

With the help of her hyper-sentient mechanical friends Metal and Macky, from delivery operations, and Noa Yin from a World where people can manipulate elements, Robynn enters her first Reality-Over.

As Robynn recruits Heroes back to her Household to save Gu, there’s a separate story following Doon, a casually travelling Hero. He has the ability to mimic the ‘powers’ of other Heroes at the cost of forgetting most of what he knows until he gets rid of the power.
After meeting Gu and getting Gu’s Reality-Hopping powers, Doon has forgotten what he was supposed to do with those powers. So Doon and a few other Heroes from his travels decide to have a fun adventure between Worlds to figure out what’s going on.


L. V. (R. B. G.) is a trio of illustrated stories with pages similar to classic movie poster vignette montages. Each story follows one main character: Rize, Blistol, and Grand.

- Rize is taking a break from his long-term duties as a food facility coordinator to wander his town and see what else he might find interesting.
- Blistol hangs out with her friends at a place where they make crafts and clothing. She casually observes the differences between herself and others.
- Grand is a child who is traveling to learn through new environments and new relationships.

Detailed Premise:
In a World where everyone has had a change of heart about what it means to be alive, three individuals share the common thread of deepening the clarity they carry throughout their daily lives. There is a change occurring that Rize, Blistol, and Grand meet in their individual Worlds. In their own unique angles and the subtleties of their perspectives, the unattended aspects of the origins of all their Worlds unravel.

The living wisdom of the Earth Guard is woven into the fabric of the environment and its people. No one is certain what the reason for their disappearance is, yet they are not missed, as their essence is alive with each moment and every story. It is still up to each individual to walk their own path. This has not changed with the disappearance of the E. G. To live a life of understanding oneself and the World deliberately is an epic journey for all to walk. The journey is about the subtleties of experiences, and to view these experiences from different angles, offering an absolute glimpse into the wonders and nature of life itself.

The stories of R. B. G. parallel each other in many ways. Each story happens at the same time but from different points of view. The stories being separate isn't because of going through unrelated events, but rather going through the same events in another way. A way that only they could, each with the lessons of their own World to guide them.


We create consistent online content sharing Behind the Scenes insight into the making of our stories. With artwork and video documentation, you can be on the leading edge of what's happening in the Worlds and stories of Lantern Valley Studios.

Weekly (Monday):
Instagram: A sprite character from Household of Heroes along with a quote they say in H. H.
YouTube: A video on storytelling, art, and mastery. These videos share insight into how we see art and stories as a whole. You'll begin to understand why we're creating these projects.

1st and 15th of each month:
Instagram: An expression box from Household of Heroes.
YouTube: Updates (15th) and Previews (1st) for our Behind the Scenes Packages.

Monthly (1st):
Gumroad Behind the Scenes Downloads:
1) Package (summary): Short and concise documentation. A few videos about this month's work. These downloads will give a general sense of what we've been up to.
These Packages are Free.

2) Package (process): Direct, uncensored, real-time footage as we work on our projects.
These downloads will offer a raw view of who we are, how we speak about our stories, and all the elements we are able to capture on film involved in making them.
These Packages are For Purchase.

This is what we share about the making of our stories. There is much more to come.
As a Patron, with a monthly or one time donation, you will not receive anything extra.
Your finances support us with the resources we need and the investments in our skills and craft. The more support we receive, the more this becomes our full time livelihood, at which point the stories will be worked on more and we could hire others who can help us in the process and produce these stories at their optimal pace.

We will continue making these stories for the rest of our lives. Your support in these beginning years is so helpful and appreciated, as this is the time when donating to us is based more on what we promise to keep working on, rather than what we have already done. It shows us that you have trust and understanding that these stories are worth your donation, even before the stories are fully actualized. It shows us you've watched and listened to our content and appreciate it. We are on a lifetime journey of mastering the way to tell these stories.
Thank you for appreciating where we are with them this month and for following this journey.

You are helping us create these three visual, interwoven, multimedia, slice of life epics.

This body of work is a lifetime endeavour. To us, it's a project that has already taken many iterations and years of exploration. We continue our work with over a decade of evolving these stories to where they are now. We have the foundation in place and the aim in sight. We're ready to share the development of our projects with you.

The stories will be released as they are completed.
In the lifetime to come, we will be releasing 5 full Chapters ofHousehold of Heroes, 30 Treasure Tales short story collections, and the complete 5 Volumes of Lantern Valley (R. B. G.)

Thank you for your support as we realize our projects.
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