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My name is Kayla Garnet Rose. I am an an enchanting priestess who lives in a fairy castle by the sea in lovely Santa Cruz, California. I make my living by reading the cards, charting the stars, and guiding people to their most heartfelt wishes and deepest desires. I am a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and mindfulness coach. Currently I am writing a book on "Laphrodite's Guide to Mindfulness for Menopause or Adventures of a Baby Crone".

I used to be a priestess of Aphrodite, but she was such a bitch - all those lessons in love, including jealousy and heartache, misery and despair. Now I am Priestess of Laphrodite, Goddess of the Belly Laugh. She feeds my soul & nurtures my spirit, reminding me of the sacred creed stated by Starhawk, "All Acts of Love and Pleasure Are My Ritual."

The Temple of Laphrodite provides a sacred space for you to sit for a spell or two. A combination of meditations, mindfulness, ritual, artwork, writing, audio and video presentations all designed to inspire and empower you, dear patron. Thank you for your decision to support this work. May you be blessed in return a thousandfold for your generous contribution to the Temple of Laphrodite and to all the arts, music, and inspiration that is found here on Patreon.

Supporting the Temple of Laphrodite will help to create more videos, more yumminess, more orgasms for peace.

Blessed be!

Kayla Garnet Rose
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