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About Lapis Studio

Hello and good day everyone, Pelyn here of Lapis Studio and we are primarily crafting Webcomics. Our project is hosted on several webcomic hosting site like MangaMagazine / inkblazer (now defunct), Tapastic, Webtoons as well as self-hosted website. If you're a person who like our project's and would also like to help support Lapis Studio (while getting access to some cool stuff in return) this is the place to be. Check out the rewards on the right, and see if one works for you. Thanks!

Artist: Venom (Jed) | Writer: W.V.Editors / WriterDexter

You can find our Project in this places:
Website | WebtoonsFacebook
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Available Projects:

*The Day of Apocalypse - Status: Ongoing (Regular update)
- is about a story of humanity facing a threat of unknown entity. The story start at “Orphanage” a government institution, a place set for those children with unspeakable past when they started to recognize the place as a new “home” the attack happened. It centered on Keen which is been part of “Orphanage” for quite a while. Together with his friend Jester they will do everything in order to survive against this frightening creatures.

*Stiezin Status: Haitus
- A story about the journey of a priest who travel to find his purpose, along with him are his five companions the demon, the ice witch, the vengeful spirit, the lion beast and an idiot.
- Stiezin share same universe as 13 Storm.

*Fravashi Status: Haitus
- An organization created by the church to protect the humans from the demons who scattered around the world.

*13 Storm: Soulquartz Status: Haitus
- Million of years ago, the three dominant races that existed in the world of Lumeria came to the danger of extinction when the beastly force of the Eblis race desired supremacy.
- 13 Storm share same universe as Stiezin.

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We will be forever grateful to any help I receive.

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