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You just want to join in and have a digital character sheet? Perfect! This is the best character sheet avaiable for Shadowrun 5!

  • Save your character sheet online.
  • Share a read-only version via direct URL.
  • Access your character sheet from any where, with any device.
  • Use your character sheet during a game session as digital character sheet. 

Mr. Johnson

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You want to use the new game master tools? Form a team and "do business" in the shadows?

  • Invite up to 8 players and form a team of runners. The players can be Gangers or use a direct link to join the team. 
  • Access your players character sheets (read-only, available only if player is a Ganger).
  • Manage NPCs in a personal database. The players can search/access this NPC database and see the content you provided there on their character sheets. You can share your NPCs with the global community or add NPCs from the global community to your personal database.
  • Access the Ini-Tracker and send AROs to your players screens. If the Goals become available.


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You want to do "a lot of business" in the Shadows? You have multiple teams running the shadows for you, and you have enough money so you don´ t care. As long as the job gets done!

  • Create and manage multiple teams.
  • Invite unlimited players.
  • Group and share NPCs between your teams and/or the global community.



About Dirk Benkert

Shadowrun 5 Master Tools

This project is about specialized web tools for the role-playing game Shadowrun 5. You know, pen & paper, nerd stuff ;) 

The cyberpunk world of Shadowrun 5 offers a lot of digital fluff, wireless matrix, augmented reality and such. I will provide the tools to digitally enhance your games by connecting the existing Shadowrun 5 Character Sheet Generator with the "Shadowrun 5 Master Tools".

You can check out the character sheet at https://www.shadowrun5.net


The default character sheet has a lot of content boxes you may never use for your character. This is dead space that you would probably like to use elsewhere or you would like to include content that is not present on the default character sheet. Depending on what kind of character you play you even want to juggle the content in a way you prefer. This problem usually leads to the creation of homebrewn character sheets by yourself or the roleplaying community.

I was in the same situation and while checking the existing custom character sheets for Shadowrun 5, I realized that those have lots of extra pages and lack flexibility. Some of these custom character sheets can be filled out on the computer, but formulas for calculated values or the transfer of input to other pages are missing.

This pushed me into creating the "Shadowrun 5 Character Sheet Generator"!

The tool was released in March 2016 and with its help you can create your own, individual character sheet. I want to stress that players from all over the world have been using it with great success and I recieved a lot of positive feedback.

And why now Patreon?

The features I want to implement in the next major release require a lot of work. And they will increase the monthly costs required for hosting the application. It currently runs on time to time donations, but that does not guarantee a regular budget. Patreon offers exactly that. The guaranteed income enables me to provide a guaranteed availability for the Character Sheet Generator and the Master Tools and you as a Patreon will benefit from that. As a player and as a game master. Get your players on board and have a Shadowrun 5 specific platform, the upcoming release of the Shadowrun 5 Master Tools will provide you with everything you need to plan or run your digitaly enhanced Shadowrun 5 game.

That means of course that the Master Tools and the connected features of the Character Sheet Generator will only be available to Patreons!

Of course the basic functions of creating, export/import and print/pdf a character sheet will always remain free!

So what do you get?

If you support me with a subscription, you will directly support the development of the Shadowrun 5 Master Tools as follows:

As a player:
  • Save your character sheet online.
  • a direct link to a read-only version of your charactersheet. For example https://dodger.shadowrun5.net/, you can share with friends via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Access to your sheet on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile).
  • Use your saved sheet during a game session as a real digital character sheet.
As a game master:
  • Invite players to form a team. The players are invited via link or you can add them if they are Patreons as well.
  • Personal NPC Database with access for your players from their character sheets.
  • Share your NPCs with all other Patreons, search NPCs by name, profession or location and add NPCs from the global database to personal database.
  • Send AROs (Augmented Reality Objects) to your players character sheets to create an additional channel to add fluff to your game. Instead of just telling them, that an angry looking ork shows up, you can send a picture of him to them.
  • Ini-Tracker notifying players on their character sheets, that it is "their turn now"! Have the players use interrupt actions on their screen to modify the Ini-Tracker accordingly.

Follow me, support me and be part of the journey. Creating a digital Shadowrun 5 experience for you and your players.
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Game Master Section

I will start a section for game masters. This section enables you to form a team, where each player has a digital character sheet.

You as a game master can see all the character sheets.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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