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Memoir, 'DO THE HUSTLE', which should really be titled, 'Life of Weirdo, Foster Child, Lara... Starring Manhattan in the 1970s, and Her Drunk, Unintentionally Hilarious, Eccentrically Feminist, Crazy-Ass Mother'. 

Small 'warning': The language in this book is based on the way the people in my life actually spoke, in New York City, in the 1970s. It is not 'Politically Correct', but it IS Historically Accurate. Personally, I do not use such language, but that was the language that WAS used, and therefore, it belongs in this book. My mommy had a total potty mouth, even on her best day. 

As a former Foster Child, and Ward of the State, a Child of an Addict and an Alcoholic, and as a Teenaged Runaway, I've always found it HARD to find ANY Living Examples of Happy, Thriving People, who have gone through the Child Welfare System... Hopefully, my Memoir Can BE THAT, to someone who, like me, Needs to Know that Some of US... ARE OK. I hope MY memoir does EXACTLY THAT, for someone, someday. Because, Believe Me, THAT SHIT MATTERS. 

In the USA, the Most Common Social Representation of a Former Foster Child is: The KILLER, on TV Crime Shows. Growing up, THAT was MY only example of a 'Former Foster Child'. 


Statistics After Leaving Foster Care
  • 1 in 3 former foster youth will be homeless during their first two years after exiting foster care
  • Only 71% will receive a high school diploma by age 19
  • 60% of girls become pregnant by age 19 after leaving the foster care system
  • 40% of girls will have a second child by age 21
  • 47% of youth leaving foster care are unemployed
  • 33% receive public assistance

Additionally, across the United States, 52% of foster youth attend schools that rank in the Lowest 30 percent. Only 50% will receive a high school diploma. Only 10% of former foster youth will even Attend college and, of that 10%, ONLY 3% WILL GRADUATE. 

Only 3% of US, will Graduate from College... And, I am in that 3%. I'm a Smith College graduate. So, here's the thing: 3% is more than ZERO. As a member of that 3%, I have the responsibility, and the honor, of using my voice.

If I can survive and thrive, THEY can survive and thrive... I'm living proof that although it is extremely difficult, it can be done... They just need to KNOW IT, and be prepared for some extreme confusion, and quite a bit of hilarity, along the way.

Writing about my experience of being in foster care isn't easy for me, and surviving foster care was even harder. My story is both extremely raw, and darkly hilarious... But, this book is about MUCH more than just me..

My upcoming memoir, 'Do the Hustle', is a factual account of a Ward of the State, and a survivor, and it contains a very clear message: a Throwaway Child CAN become a Happy, Thriving, albeit sometimes Eccentric, adult! You'll see that I made a lot of mistakes - hilarious, pathetic, confusing, frightening, and often massive mistakes - but, I made it. I'm not rich, and I'm not famous, but I'm doing freakin' awesome.

Foster Children do NOT all grow up to be substance addicted, uneducated, unsuccessful, lonely murderers... Regardless of what Law and Order and Criminal Minds will lead you to believe...  

Throughout my entire life, I didn't know that.. I didn't see that, or hear that... I needed THIS book... So, I'm WRITING this book. 

SHOUT OUT to the Foster Youth... Guess what? I'm not TV Serial Killer! WE CAN MAKE IT. 

I'm miraculously lucky enough to have a fancy Literary Agent who believes in my work, and I've got a hard deadline. I consider this, for me, and really for any former foster child, to be an opportunity of lifetime. Therefore, My Life is Entirely Focused On Writing This Book. 

My wonderful, brilliant, talented, clever, supportive Literary Agent is Terra Chalberg, of Chalberg & Sussman: 15 West 29th St, Third Floor | New York, NY 10001 | (917) 261-7550.

(Special Note, to the MRA: All Dick Pic submissions are to be addressed to 'The Chief', printed, placed in a self addressed Rainbow envelope, and mailed to: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA. No other Dick Pic submissions will be accepted.)
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