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is creating Dark Goddess+Coven Invisible: Books of Dísability Intiation

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NEW: Myth as Healer course weekly from April 7-April 28.




My name is Lara Veleda Vesta and I am an artist, writer and educator living in Oregon. My explorations include dís-ability, initiation, ancestral mythology, ritual and the sacred creative.  I am the author of The Moon Divas Guidebook: Spirited Self-Care for Women in Transition, and the Moon Divas Oracle, illustrator of The Runes Revealed and creator/facilitator of many courses including CIRCLE: Healing the Witch Wound, The Art of Self-Initiation, The Runic Feminine, The Power Class and Ancestral Connection.  Prior to my illness I was a university professor teaching classes in English and writing.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and, in 2017, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome related to toxic mold in my home. In that year we lost all of our possessions to mold, I had to leave my career as a university professor and my PhD program in Women's Spirituality. I was housebound and unable to work consistently for years after my diagnosis, started treatment and was making steps toward recovery, then became very ill again, and again.  It has been a long road, and inconsistent, spiraling through illness and wellness.

Art and writing have been part of my healing. Over years of illness I made art, completed a book five years in the making, and transitioned course material to an online platform, The Wild Soul School.  To keep my offering in alignment with the needs of my body, all classes are offered by gift with no economic barriers to enrollment.  I have not been able to work with consistency, but I continue to create in alignment with my purpose of connecting people to the earth and each other. 

Current Projects
I am currently working on two books.
1. Dark Goddess: The Sacred Art of Death Transitions is a handwritten, interactive guide integrating initiation and supporting life transformation through difficult transitions.  The book itself is a rite of passage process, walking with the reader through the phases of initiation and new perspectives on loss, grief and empowerment.  I am about a quarter through with this project. 

2.  Coven Invisible: The Mythic Initiation of Dís-ability.  This is a typewritten memoir in myth, the story of my nine years of illness, also a spell and invocation for Sick Woman, based on Sick Woman Theory by Johanna Hedva, and a call to circle in community.  I currently have nearly 200 pages of a (very rough) working draft and am crafting a proposal for submission.

My illness has devastated my family financially.  We lost everything to mold, had to move multiple times to try and find safe housing, and in spite of medically necessary limitations on work, I have been denied Disability Insurance.  This is a common issue for people with my illnesses, as we lack support and understanding in the medical and social services communities.  That payment would make the difference between scraping and thriving for my family.  Denial was yet another painful reminder of how invisible I am as a sick person, and how systemic oppression seeks to strip the dís-abled of their power.

But I believe there are other ways. 
I believe in the power of sacred community to nourish new possibilities. 
I believe my voice and work matter. 
I am seeking patron gifts so I can focus on healing and completing these projects.

Your patron gifts support:

Basic living expenses.  The fundamentals.  This is where my family and I are at right now, working through transitions and trying to support the following:
  • utility bills--we are two months behind on most payments
  • transportation for our children to and from their co-parent's house two hours away
  • tax bills from before I crashed in 2016
  • insurance, medical and dental bills
We are a family of five, with three teenage children. Due to my illness we have no access to credit and have exhausted our family resources.  Every dollar helps stabilize us as I heal.

As we stabilize financially, and I stabilize physically, gifts could assist with:
  • Publication of the Dark Goddess book. This unique book is not one most publishers are willing to entertain, but I have self-published before with success and could do so again here.
  • The Wild Soul School administration and program creation.  At this school all classes are offered by gift, with no financial obligation to enroll, ensuring access for anyone.  I would love to create more classes about difficult transitions, the witch wound and ancestral reverence.
  • Inventory of books, art prints and oracle cards so that I may begin to find a market for my art.
  • Art supplies.
  • Support assistant or paid internship. Help would ensure consistency and sustainably as I continue healing.
Your support celebrates difference, makes space for inclusion, creates a space for radical writing, art and spirit work, and weaves a new story where creative work is the real work of living in cycle.

To everyone who has supported me thus far, to those who have taken a risk on my handmade, handwritten books, my classes and workshops, you are visible in this imagining.  

Thanks to the faith and trust of my friends, mentors, readers and former students, all is possible.

I'm so grateful for your contributions, and have begun this project with community in mind. 

NOTE:  If you would like to receive a potential tax deduction for your donation, please donate through my website: I recently received fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, a 501c3 supporting artists.  If you donate through their portals you will receive a tax receipt.  


You can see my online portfolio here:  Lara Veleda Vesta Sacred Art
You can take courses at the Wild Soul School in Ancestral Connection, The Power Class, Ritual Practice, Natural Divination and the Runic Feminine.  All classes are offered by gift with no economic barriers to access.

144 - reached! patrons
When I reach 144 patrons I will devote my medically limited hours to completing these book projects. To celebrate I will begin the self-publication process for the Dark Goddess book.

Patrons at every level will receive exclusive invitations to  participate as contributors.  We will have a collaboration session, a delegation making and a release party when complete!  This is true community creation, sustenance and empowerment.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 174 exclusive posts
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