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About Dries Vints

Welcome to the Laravel.io Patreon page. Through this page you can help support the further development of the platform. Laravel.io is the Laravel community portal, a place for the community, by the community. Its code is completely open-source and meant as a learning resource for others. Developers are free to ask questions on the issue tracker, contribute to the source code or gather inspiration for their own projects.

Ever since I took over Laravel.io from Shawn McCool back in 2014 I've been dedicating quite some time in maintaining the platform and adding more features to it. I started off with a simple redesign back then and a total rewrite of the back-end which would lay the foundation for all future improvements.

Things have been only slowly progressing since then. Luckily, Joe Dixon recently joined the team to help out. He started off by implementing the new design by Steve Schoger and also adding some long-overdue features.

Now, Laravel.io is ready for its next chapter. With the funds I make from this page I want to take Laravel.io to the next level. Joe and I have plans to extend the platform with many new features and create the best possible portal for the Laravel community. In order to do this we'll need some support.

Laravel.io is a very traffic heavy platform. Back in 2019 alone, our Google Console search report indicated over 63 million impressions with over 4 million click throughs. Google Analytics recorded almost 4 million sessions with 1.6 million unique users and almost 5 million page viewsOur Twitter account has over 35.000 followers. The platform itself has over 44k registered users. Needless to say, it's a much used platform.

Through the sponsor plans on this page you can help out. Whether small or great, each contribution will help us cover costs to take the next steps. The first important piece we want to invest in is a new and fresh design which will lay the foundation for the entire platform. I'll be updating this page's posts regularly to share updates on progression we've made.

Thank you for considering to sponsor Laravel.io. Your help will keep the platform running and further improving.
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