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About Mario Bašić

If you are not comfortable with recurring pledges, I also accept one-time donations via PayPal.

These are the open-source packages that are worth mentioning and which I have created / maintained or contributed to:


laravelista/loki* - Laravel localization done right.
laravelista/picasso* - Laravel image management and optimization package.
laravelista/comments*- Native comments for your Laravel application.
laravelista/Ekko* - Laravel package for marking navigation items active.
laravelista/ - Blog about latest things in full stack web development and in-depth posts about specific topics.

mabasic/ulauncher-laravel - Ulauncher extension for quick access to the Laravel documentation.
mabasic/wakatime-php-api - WakaTime API for PHP.
mabasic/mailchimp - It subscribes an email address to your mailchimp list.
mabasic/crozilla-integration - Generates XML response for Crozilla real estate sync integration.

wakatime/chrome-wakatime - Chrome extension for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your browsing activity. I've created this extension in collaboration with Alan Hamlett and Stephen Rodriguez.


narative/gatsby-theme-novela - Welcome to Novela, the simplest way to start publishing with Gatsby. I am using this theme for my blog and because of that I have sent multiple PRs. You can see the list bellow:

bugsnag/bugsnag-laravel - Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors. I've sent a very small PR which fixed an open issue.

tiipiik/OctoberCMS-RoomBooking - Booking plugin for OctoberCMS. I've sent multiple PRs until I got this plugin to work properly.

themsaid/katana - Laravel static site/blog generator with markdown support. I've sent a very small PR for adding meta description for pages and posts.

writingink/wink - A Laravel-based publishing platform. I've sent a PR which forces data wrapping on resources.

laravel/docs - Contributed to the Laravel documentation.

lumen/docs - Contributed to the Lumen documentation.

Repositories marked with * are featured repositories.

Maintaining and developing new features for all these projects takes a considerable amount of time, and I am currently exploring the possibility of working on open-source full-time.

If you run a business and it is using any of my packages in a revenue-generating product, it would make business sense to sponsor its development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and actively maintained. It can also help your exposure in the developer community and makes it easier to attract other developers.

Of course, individual users are also welcome to make a recurring pledge if any of my packages has helped you in your work or personal projects :)
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