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Hi, I'm Larry G. Maguire. Thanks a million for visiting my Patreon page. I'm a writer, podcaster and occasional charcoal portrait artist from Dublin studying a BA in Psychology at night.

I am passionate about creativity and I believe everyone has access to creative genius if we can only allow it. A little while ago I wrote The Artist's Manifesto, a short PDF book that outlines a creative philosophy I attempt to follow. I believe that this manifesto will resonate with artists everywhere and so in an effort to share its ideas, I recently launched The Larb Podcast. It's a show for creative people that explores the creative process, what it means to follow your creative urges, make a good living from your work or even build a business around your art. My guests and I also discuss some of life's deeper questions.

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I'm committing most of my creative energy and time to write new content, interviewing guests, recording and producing podcast episodes and so my time "working" in a traditional job will ultimately need to be curtailed. The temptation, therefore, is to go the advertising route, but this doesn't fit into the philosophy and spirit of why I started.

I can advertise to fund my creative work but it doesn't sit right with me. It doesn't fit the spirit of what I am doing. So that's where I need your help.

Why Did You Join Patreon?

I joined Patreon because I love to write and create art. I want to spend my time in research, writing my books, and creating art that people can afford and enjoy.

With your assistance and generosity starting with less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month ☕️, you can contribute towards the publication of my work. In return, I've made rewards available to all my patrons who have supported me.

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What's Your Background?

I left school at 15 and began an apprenticeship as an electrician – turns out I was good at it. After a brief stint in Philadelphia drinking my ass off, I returned home to start my own business at age 26.

I operated that business quite successfully for 16 years, counting Intel and US Government as clients. The business kept moving reasonably well through the crash in 2008 but by 2010 work had dried up. With big debt and no work, I had to shut the doors.

Everything I had built was gone. However, I had found a new passion – writing. So I decided this would be my new direction. The last 10 years have been very difficult, but the experience has given me a new perspective, one I wouldn’t change for any money. It’s been the foundation for huge personal growth and a basis for my writing.

What Do You Podcast/Write About?

Admittedly, I only produce content I’m interested in and passionate about. That’s a plus for you because you can be sure to get my best. My hope is that my stuff strikes a chord with you. I write about the importance of creative integrity and our imperative to create from the heart no matter what. This is the basis for The Artist’s Manifesto.

Here’s some of what I write about;

  • How to nurture creativity
  • How to follow your heart and do what you love
  • The psychology of creativity
  • How to develop mental toughness
  • The right way to set goals
  • How to access our intuition
  • Why beliefs sculpt behaviour
  • How to embrace uncertainty
  • The meaning of life and death

Where Can I Follow Your Work?

I have several places where I produce regular work. But perhaps the best place to stay in touch with my work is on my weekly Sunday Letters. I'm also starting a Podcast and I write on Medium too. Oh yeah, I'm on social media too!

Sunday Letters is the weekly email newsletter I publish to my subscribers. It goes out every Sunday morning and covers all my work from the previous week on my blog and podcast.

Recently I've started posting audio content on Anchor and I've started a channel there with regular episodes and thoughts about creativity, art, work and life.

I write several times a week on the  Storymaker publication on Medium. The stuff I write there is off the cuff, unstructured and from the heart. 

Here's my Blog
You can find my podcasts on Spreaker

I'm on Twitter
I'm on Facebook
You can catch me on YouTube

My ambition is to continue to create work that matters to people. To do that on a consistent basis I need your help. My hope is that you will consider becoming a patron of mine and pledging as much as you can afford to help me make art that matters.

Many thanks for your time, all the best for now,

- Larry
$47 of $500 per month
My goals is to self-publish The Artist's Manifesto. It's tricky stuff, lots to learn and understand about self-publishing technology and processes. Not to mention actually writing the book! But you can help me get there. For the price of a pint per month, I'll send you a free copy.
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