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Limited (24 of 25 remaining)
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You will enjoy a 25% discount in our store.
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Every6 weeks you will receive a new release or back catalogue LP. You will be added to our supporters page, enjoy a 25% discount in our store and receive the full years library of digital music. 




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Last Night From Glasgow has been in operation since 2017. We were set up with a very basic and simple intention, to help artists release their music into the world without burdoning them with debt and doing so in a way that would maximise their earnings. For the last three years we have been predominantly funded by members, who pay for all our physical releases in advance at the start of they year. The artists,thus, have all manufacture, distribution and promotion covered at the off and the members gain all the music for free. Members also enjoy free access to a number of shows per year.

Since beginning we have manufactured and released 29 Vinyl Records, countless CD's and digital music. Published a book, staged over 60 concerts and done all that without taking a penny for ourselves as profit. All staff work as volunteers and all earnings from the business are directed where they should - towards the artists themselves.

We already have 300 funding members who contribute the vast bulk of our revenue stream, we also receive funding from Creative Scotland.

Our primary ambition is to grow LNFG outside of Scotland and whilst we have around 50 patrons outside of our home country, we hope to spread the word much further.

Existing members are of course welcome to support our patreon campaign but really this is designed for folks new to LNFG who fancy dipping their toes in without commiting an annual sum in advance. 

If you are interested in being a traditional funder, you can find out all about that via our website and shop. This patreon campaign will hopefully expand our reach and encourage more support from people who seek a little more flexibility

Learn more about LNFG at our website

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