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is creating 3d printable bits, models, miniatures, and terrain
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About Last Stand Convertibles

Free bit releases for everyone each Tuesday and Friday.

FREE FILES -- to sample what we are offering.

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Our goal is to give you a selection of files each day so you can bash them together to convert into your own unique creation. Join us on this journey, and your printer will never stop filling your tabletop.

We create bits for fantasy, sci-fi, board games, terrain, and anything else imaginable. Most parts are designed for 28mm gaming. They can be used to assemble complete models or convert models before and after printing. You may not sell the files or print these files for sale.

Archive access: Each week, one of the released files will be placed into the extended archive. Each month, one published collection will be placed into the collection archive. All free bits and Patreon rewards immediately go into their archives.

All bits are on a one-month rotation. You will immediately gain access to the last month's releases. However, the next day's release will remove the oldest. Any files that are not added to archives may be released as second chance access.

File Details:
 Each bit release will include the raw STL file of the bit, as well as an STL version with supports. We test print everything multiple times and offer the best support for optimal successful printing. The support files may not be the best for every printer or resin, so you may need to optimize for your machine.

Many bit releases may include multiple sizes — for example, some of our bombs. The mid-size is normal; the smaller size has it's details slightly enhanced for better printing and painting. The large size we divided into a hollow two-part model to reduce the resin required. The differences may be microscopic, but we did make small changes to improve the quality of your prints. You may find it best to use the smallest option when sizing down — likewise, the largest option for sizing up.

Collections are groups of bit files. They will usually include 6 to 12 different bits. Some may be multiple versions of a single item type. Other collections may be a selection of bits intended to assemble a single model.

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Here is a nice little cauldron set with lids, spoons, and drop in inserts. Sized to stand on the ground in front of your mini or as a tabletop item for them.
This is our first goal of many. We appreciate your help getting us started and look forward to unleashing thousands of bits for you!
This collection will be available to all Patron levels once unlocked.
All the best!
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