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About Karen H

Hello! I'm Karen Heckman (Kiidkat) and I make the free-to-read fantasy webcomic Last Traveler!

Launched in February of 2017, Last Traveler is a character driven fantasy adventure that follows Keira, a 19 year old that unintentionally finds a portal to an alternate world where travelers are outlawed and met with an untimely end. While at first her only thought is finding a way to get home, she is quickly entangled in a long standing conflict between the two worlds involving magic, dragons, nobility, and family secrets.

The longer it takes Keira to return home, the more she risks losing herself to the damaging effects of portal traveling. As she navigates controlling a dangerous power, the relationships she builds along the way become increasingly important as she faces life-altering choices.

I love making this comic and sharing it's story! It's made in my spare time between studying for my teaching credentials and occasional freelance work.

Your support can help me with:
  • Upgrading digital art tools
  • Maintaining/improving website hosting
  • Producing pages for more updates

Some examples of what you can enjoy:
  • Monthly art
  • WIPs/Behind the scenes
  • Character/story sketches
  • Short side stories with illustrations
$16 of $100 per month
Twice monthly streaming where I work on comic pages or take requests! Streams will be recorded and made available after each session. 
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