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is creating Personalized 3D printed prosthesis to low-income people in Peru

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At the end of every new user video, your name will appear with the relation of patrons that were fundamental to fullfil the user's dream.

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You will have access to the creation process of the prosthesis with exclusive material since the planning process, until it is assembled by our team. Furthermore, when the video of a new user came, you will be named and your help will be recognized by both the team and the user.

R & D ⚙️

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It is fundamental for us to keep doing research in our field. We want to create low cost myoelectric models for our users that do not have the residual limb that is necessary to activate our current model.

Also, we want to create new prostheses using recycled PET material, run both the very first materials test and prototypes.

- Exclusive video will be created showing you our new development.

- You will be named at the paper publications we get to publish as a result of the R&D.



About LAT Bionics 🦾

Hello Everyone! My Name is Fernando Romero. Being born without my right hand has allowed me to orient my life decisions in order to develop a Robotic Prosthetic Hand for myself and others.

Through the projects in which I have been involved, I have learned more about problems caused by the lack of inexpensive hand prostheses in Peru. More than 12,000 people with upper-limb amputation conditions, including 30 new cases of hand injuries per month due to working conditions, exist in my country where 70% of the employment market is informal and the employees have no insurance.

With costs of more than 1000 Dollars for a hook-type prosthesis and 75,000 Dollars for a myoelectric one, for a worker who earns the minimum salary of 260 Dollars a month and is the main source of livelihood for his or her family, it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain a presently available hand prosthesis.

In Giving a Hand we develop highly functional custom prosthesis for hands and fingers, manufactured in 3D printing, that allow entry/reentry into the labor market for the person suffering from amputation. Our beneficiaries are people of low economic income who have partial hand or finger amputations due to congenital or accidental causes.

Our mission is to develop custom low cost prosthetics with digital manufacturing technology.
Our vision is to meet the need and improved access to upper limb prostheses in Latin America.


- Identifying Users: The first step requires the identification of our users in order to include them in our entire program.

- Support & Donations: We seek to work with crowdfunding and both public and private institutions to reduce our production and distribution costs. We want to develop our prosthesis in order to provide them as donations.

- Sharing the Stories: After the user has received his/her prosthesis, we develop our media strategy to tell his or her Story through Patreon as Youtube Videos.

It is according to the help of our patrons that we get to thank them inside the video. Both the user and the team.

With this purpose in mind, we create a fantastic video, tracing the changing life of the user prior to and after the adaption of our devices.

As we say: We build stories! Once the Story is shared, the cycle starts again!

3% complete
When we reach $300 per month, We'll be able to be sustainable in order to pay both the pre and post services delivered by our psychologist and our physical therapist. 
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