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Say thanks and make sure the ideas keep flowing by buying me coffee ;) 
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20min 1-on-1 consulting

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Get a 20 minute coaching/consulitng session (LaTeX, DH, time management, productivity and work-life balance).

The topic can be help on a LaTeX problem (along the lines of "I want to do XYZ, what packages can you recommend?", not a debugging session); but it can also be about the other topics listed above.

Make sure to come up with a clear goal/question and send it to me beforehand!

The question should be fairly contained. Oftentimes with LaTeX problems, people aren't aware of how many sub-problems their question actually consists of. I'm happy to clarify, disentangle and suggest a roadmap to a solution - but 20 minutes is not usually enough to practically solve an actual programming issue.
  • 20min 1-on-1 consulting

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