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About LatexFashionTV

LatexFashionTV is a YouTube channel with stylish videos celebrating latex clothing and rubber fashion.
**Monthly Trailers below**
****103 images & 221 Videos as of June 20th 2021****

Hi, I’m Cole, a UK filmmaker with a passion for the alt scene and I created LatexFashionTV. For five years we’ve made videos with models, designers and cosplayers from the world of latex. A lot of videos. Over 400 of them, all free to view with no advertising. 

We're pretty unique in our journey to document the latex scene. Whether it's front row at a fashion show, walking comic-con in a catsuit or behind the scenes at photoshoots, our coverage is the next best thing to being there. We’re even rated 9/10 on IMDb.

Why Patreon?

For years LFTV has been self-funded, and that was cool, because it was more of a passionate hobby I didn't realise so many loved.

It was our fans who told us about Patreon. It’s a way to support creators you love, but I didn’t want to set a page up without giving you guys something great In return.

What do Patrons get?

Become a patron for early access to new videos. The unedited bootleg video of our latex podcast show. Bonus scenes and squeaky outtakes. Models shining latex getting ready to shoot. Interviews and even your name in the credits.

🎥 Early Access + Project Updates
🎥 Behind the Scenes + Bootleg Podcast
🎥 Bonus Scenes + Fashion Shows
🎥 Name in Credits + Interviews + Vault Videos

Think of this as the DVD extras of LFTV, the bonus features. As well as a look at what we’re working on and helping shape what’s next. For every video we publish there’s hours of footage no one gets to see. Now there's a place I can share that with you.

Will LFTV still be free to view?
Absolutely. Our regular videos will hit YouTube as always, but patrons get to see how they’re made and help us make more.

Please consider joining, but we’re still cool if you don’t. If you’re reading this and watch my videos that’s amazing and thank you.

If you’d like to see even more, I think we have some awesome rubbery rewards you’ll love.

Stay Shiny.
Cole Black, LatexFashionTV.

*While latex can be sexy, all our videos are YouTube friendly.

*Your pledge can be hidden if you’d like to be discrete.

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Marilyn Yusuf: Reach this goal and we’ll release new footage from our shoot with Marilyn Yusuf in Spain. You guys will be the first to ever see it. (Released to all tiers)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 276 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 276 exclusive posts

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