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With the current global pandemic of Covid-19, we are all facing scary & uncertain times out there. First off, I want to say thank you to all of the artists, creators & storytellers for entertaining us when we need a break from our current reality. Performers are taking a big hit right now due to cancelled events and production shut-downs. We rely heavily on events in a gig economy, which in times of social isolation obsolete.

So in lieu of live show, I'd just like to share some real talk about my showbiz origin story with all of you...

Just over 10 years ago, at 31 yrs old, I left a well-paying corporate career that I wasn't in love with in order to follow my passion for comedy and pursue a career in entertainment. First I made a couple silly comedy raps on YouTube, then I answered an ad on Kijiji that said "So, you wanna be a comedian?" which led to my first standup performance at YukYuks amateur night in London, Ontario in October 2009.

I can still vividly remember walking downtown to the club with Eminem's 8 Mile soundtrack in my earbuds, knowing that my life would never be the same. I get goose bumps and nearly teary thinking about it right now--that's how visceral and real that feeling was to me. It sounds weird, but as I walked to the comedy club, still having NEVER stepped on a stage, I KNEW with ZERO DOUBT that I had finally found my lane in life.

Before that night, I had spent a ridiculous amount of time daydreaming about my showbiz life before it ever existed. Being a lifelong fan of shows like SNL, SCTV, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Looney Toons, Kids in The Hall, Tom Green Show, MadTV, In Living Color, Mr. Show, Trailer Park Boys, Human Giant, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Southpark I had always gravitated to comedy since childhood.

I wasn't the typical class clown (in fact I was generally a straight A student from Kindergarten through University), but I did spend a ton of time with family & friends doing little act-outs, impersonations, skits, bits & sketches. I had always been enamoured by comedy & comedians but finally I made the decision that I had to take a swing at it myself. I knew that if I didn't take that plunge, I'd wonder "what-if?" my whole life and I made a decision that I would'nt risk being on my death bed with the regret of never trying. That first show went amazing and over ten years later I have never stopped living my dreams.

If I never worked another day as an entertainer I would already consider myself one of the luckiest dudes on earth to have lived a life full of amazing opportunities and experiences. I have already seen so many of my dreams come true. So much of what I have achieved was once just a pipe-dream on a bucket list of scrap paper.

I have headlined sold-out comedy shows across the country. I have performed for packed theatre houses. I have been on dozens of fun commercial shoots. I have been cast in supporting, ensemble & lead roles in major tv, film & theatre productions. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with hundreds of Canadian comedians, actors & filmmakers who I'm also blessed to call friends. I've received so many amazing words of encouragement and thank-you messages from fans, friends, family & supporters.

If somehow, it all went away and I never worked again, I'd still be full of nothing but gratitude for the charmed life I've been lucky to live.

BUT make no mistake...if I ever have to stop, part of my soul would die and I would be heartbroken...

You see, like most artists, I am an addict. Fortunately, my addiction isn't to any substance or drug. Thankfully I've never fallen too deep down that path (ok, fine, maybe protein bars & weed, but both are medicinal, right?) Truth is, I am addicted to creating. I am addicted to feeling. I am addicted to laughing. I am addicted to expressing. I am addicted to sharing. I am addicted to performing.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that my inner monolog is constantly filled with phrases like "ohhh, that's a great sketch idea" or "wow, thats a funny bit" or "man, we gotta make that into a movie!". It is to the point where I know it has driven friends & lovers crazy, even causing stress in relationships. But it never ends. It never shuts off. I eat, sleep and breathe creativity. I am obsessed with it and I'll never stop. Elon Musk says his brain never stops solving problems. My brain never stops creating fun/dumb scripts, scenes & sketches. Aside from food, water and sex, creating & performing is all I ever think about and quite frankly I am okay with that.

I fully expect to do this until I die (just not from Covid-19 or anytime soon) and I want you to be there with me until the sunsetty end...

Personally, we have already shifted to focus on creating more online content as we expect that 99% of our usual income from live shows and tv/film gigs will disappear over the next 30-90 days.

I know that most industries will feel the economic impact of this pandemic, but please keep in mind that artists & performers are particularly vulnerable bc often we don't have the safety net of corporate pay checks & benefits or government assistance like EI.

We have already started shifting Laughing Vikings Studio into more content creation (comedy videos, podcasts, live-streams, music, Q&A's) so that we can continue to work as creative artists & put out quality entertaining content.

If you are a fan & supporter of our productions we'd humbly ask that you consider hopping on board as a patron member HERE:

As a patron you'll have access to boat loads of exclusive content (videos, live-streams, podcasts, Q&As) while also giving you the opportunity to be a contributor & partner in our productions moving forward.

We can all choose to use this downtime for positivity, growth & improvement. We encourage everyone to look at what they can do to respond to these challenging times with love, courage and hope for a better tomorrow..

For those who have been a fan of our content and a supporter of Laughing Vikings, now more than ever, we'd love to have you hop on board as a patron member and we promise to keep delivering quality content & exclusive access to member benefits, rewards & partnership opportunities with all future projects.

Visit our Patreon page HERE:

Feel free to DM if you'd like to be involved in any way with Laughing Vikings and remember to

Founder Laughing Vikings

P.S.- Thank you for all of your love & support!

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