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In 2009, at age 31, I left a well-paying corporate career after 10 yrs because I wasn't in love with it and finally made the decision to follow my passion for comedy and pursue a career in entertainment.

First, I made a couple silly comedy raps on YouTube, then I answered an ad on Kijiji that said "So, you wanna be a comedian?" which led to my first standup performance at YukYuks amateur night in London, Ontario in October 2009.

Vividly, I can remember walking downtown to the club with Eminem's 8 Mile soundtrack in my earbuds, knowing that my life would never be the same.

I get goose bumps and nearly teary thinking about it right now--that's how visceral and real that feeling was to me. It sounds weird, but as I walked to the comedy club, still having NEVER stepped on a stage, I KNEW with ZERO DOUBT that I had finally found my lane in life.

Before that night, I had spent a ridiculous amount of time daydreaming about my showbiz life before it ever existed. I had been a lifelong fan of nearly every comedy show on TV: SNL, SCTV, MadTV, In Living Color, Mr. Show, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Looney Toons, Kids in The Hall, Tom Green Show, Trailer Park Boys, Human Giant, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Family Guy & Southpark

Growing up, I was never the typical class clown type. Both my parents were teachers, so I was always well-behaved in class. In fact, I was generally a straight A student from Kindergarten through University.

However, despite not acting out in class, I did always spend a ton of time with family & friends doing little act-outs, impersonations, skits, bits & sketches. We'd burn hours on recess, before and after school watching comedy shows & laughing our heads off creating our own entertainment with each other.

Comedy & comedians had always captured my attention and I'd daydream about how fun it would be to be them as I watched.

Finally, that day in October 2009, I made the decision that I had to take a swing at it myself.

I knew that if I didn't take that plunge, I'd wonder "what-if?" for the rest of my life, so I decided I couldn't risk being on my death bed carrying the regret of never going after my dreams.

That first show went amazing and over ten years later I have never stopped living my dreams.

If for some reason I never worked another day as an entertainer, I'd already consider myself one of the luckiest dudes on earth to have lived a life full of amazing opportunities and experiences.

So many of my dreams have already come true. So much of what I have achieved was once just a pipe-dream scribbled down on a scrap paper bucket list.

Now I have headlined sold-out comedy shows across the country. I have performed for packed theatre houses. I have been cast as supporting, ensemble & lead roles in major tv, film & theatre productions and dozens of fun commercial shoots.

More amazingly, I have had the extreme pleasure of working with hundreds of comedians, actors & filmmakers who I'm also blessed to call friends.

So many people have supported me along the way with amazing words of encouragement and thank-you messages from fans, friends, family & supporters.

If somehow, it all went away and I never worked again, I'd still be full of nothing but gratitude for the charmed life I've been lucky to live.

BUT make no mistake...if I ever have to stop, part of my soul would die and I would be heartbroken.

You see, like most artists, I am an addict...

Fortunately, my addiction isn't to any substance or drug.

Thankfully I've never fallen too deep down that path (ok, fine, maybe protein bars & weed, but both are medicinal, right?)

Truth is, I am addicted to creating. I am addicted to laughing. I am addicted to feeling. I am addicted to sharing. I am addicted to performing.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that my inner monolog is constantly filled with phrases like "ohhh, that's a great sketch idea" or "wow, thats a funny bit" or "man, we gotta make that into a movie!".

It is to the point where I know my comedy obsession has driven friends & lovers crazy.
But it never ends. It never shuts off. I eat, sleep and breathe creativity.

I am obsessed with it and I'll never stop. Elon Musk says his brain never stops solving problems. My brain never stops creating fun/dumb scripts, scenes & sketches.
Aside from food, water & sex, creating & performing is mostly all I ever think about and quite frankly I am okay with that.

I fully expect to be an entertainer until I die (just not from Covid-19 or anytime soon) and I want you to be there with me until the sunsetty end...

Laughing Vikings has already shifted to focus on creating more online content as we expect that 99% of our usual income from live shows and tv/film gigs will disappear over the next 30-90 days.

I know that most industries will feel the economic impact of this pandemic, but please keep in mind that artists & performers are particularly vulnerable bc often we don't have the safety net of corporate pay checks & benefits or government assistance like EI.

We have already started shifting Laughing Vikings Studio into more content creation (comedy videos, podcasts, live-streams, music, Q&A's) so that we can continue to work as creative artists & put out quality entertaining content.

If you are a fan & supporter of our productions we'd humbly ask that you consider hopping on board as a patron to help us TURN DELUSIONS INTO REALITY.

As a patron you'll have access to loads of exclusive content (comedy videos, live-streams, podcasts, music, meetups, Q&As) while also giving you the opportunity to be a contributor & partner in our productions moving forward.

We can all choose to use this downtime for positivity, growth & improvement.

We encourage everyone to look at what they can do to respond to these challenging times with love, courage and hope for a better tomorrow..

For those who have been a fan of our content and a supporter of Laughing Vikings, now more than ever, we'd love to have you hop on board as a patron member.

We promise to keep delivering quality content & exclusive access to member benefits, rewards & partnership opportunities with all future projects.

Feel free to DM if you'd like to be involved in any way with Laughing Vikings.

Founder Laughing Vikings

P.S.- Thank you for all of your love & support, now enough about me...TIME TO GO LIVE YOUR DREAMS!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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