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About Laura Clark


Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Laura Clark, I'm a traditional artist based on the west coast of Scotland, where the local nature and character of wildlife inspires my work. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting in 2014, and in 2017 I finally built up the confidence to share my work on a larger scale.

So what is Patreon and why am I here?

Patreon offers you a way to support me as an artist, through a regular monthly subscription to my work. The amount you choose to give monthly is entirely up to you, and depending on the amount you subscribe, will allow me to offer rewards such as sketchbook updates, signed prints, illustrations and more. ♥

The work I'll be sharing here will include a variety of personal projects as well as the oil paintings and pyrography that can be found on my website. It'll be my own little personal journey and you're more than welcome to come and experience it with me!

The extra financial support from this site will allow me to spend more time on artwork, meaning a higher quantity and quality of content, insights into my work, and Patreon exclusive rewards just for you.

Subscriptions start from as little as $1 (that's only about 74p here in the UK), and you can cancel/ make alterations to your subscription at any time.

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  • Access to Patreon Exclusive Posts & Discussions.
  • Early access to newly finished work before it is displayed elsewhere.
  • Sketches & Work in progress images. 
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Includes the previous tier rewards, plus:
  • Ability to vote on Art Polls, including the subjects of upcoming artwork.
  • Video processes of art, including work not posted elsewhere.
  • Access to Discord chat!
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New website features & store expansion!

Whilst I have recently taken the plunge into owning my own domain and website/ online store (exciting!), the site's upkeep sadly does not come for free. Because of this, my monthly expenditure on having prints and other products produced has been very reserved.

When we reach this goal, I'll be able to devote more of my income to having a greater variety and higher quality of prints, charms and more on my online shop!

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