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About Laura Elisabeth

For my entire life, I've been in the spotlight and behind the scenes. For more than fifty productions, I've performed on national and international stages, and led classes and workshops on my craft. 

After an educational hiatus and stint of action in the business world to briefly play in the professional waters, I'm finally back home on both sides of the red curtain. I'm now seizing opportunities to conjure fantastic experiences and channel my talents and passions into what fills my heart - whether singing, dancing, directing, designing, or acting - the performing arts.  

One thing I've learned above all ... For all the individual creativity involved, the arts are a team sport. It takes many folks working together and contributing toward a successful outcome to put together a good product - even if that product is the solo performer. I've applied the same mental approach to my music, my art, and all other aspects of living. When all of us are working together, the places we can go and the things we can do are beyond imagining! Life becomes the best show on earth. 

I want you to go with me down this path. Come with me into the unknown. I'm excited for it!
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