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is creating original oil paintings
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About Laura Nothern

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my Patreon page.  
In an attempt to moderate the perils of being a freelance artist in the modern world, I've created this page with the hope of forming a supportive community to help even out the bumps a bit. This will help immensely, giving me much more time to concentrate on my work and waste less time on my worries.  

So, I've made this page into a virtual window for you to see into my studio activities. Here, I'll be sharing my thoughts and inspirations, progress pictures of ongoing projects, and alternate (and sometimes hilariously off-track) variations on themes that I usually keep hidden.
All this is designed to give back to - and interact more with - the people who are most invested in me, while also giving others the chance to facilitate the creation of these curiously charming artifacts as well.

By contributing to the practical foundation I need to do my work, you'll be supporting me directly, allowing me more time to finish my work while also having more time to connect directly and share my ongoing, art-related adventures and evolution with you. As an added bonus, you'll always have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a true patron of the Arts, while also basking in the warmth of my undying gratitude. It's a win-win ;-)

So, sign yourself up for whatever level of support suits you best my friend - and thank you! xoxo  

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