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SOCIAL DISTANCING SPECIAL PERKS! For the duration of social distancing I am adding some special perks for all patrons, from fan through hero. Everyone will also get:
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About Laura Packer — storyteller, coach, real-time dreamer

Let me start with gratitude. I appreciate your visit to my Patreon page. Without your interest and support, artists like me find it much more difficult to make compelling art. Thank you.

Who am I and what do I do

My name is Laura Packer and I am a performing storyteller. I've been a performing artist for over 25 years and have told all over the world. I tell stories for older kids and adults, in venues ranging from the expected (like schools, libraries, theaters, and festivals) to the unexpected (like on the streets, in airplanes, for people imprisoned for life, and in front of Fortune 100 executives). I tell all kinds of stories, including traditional, fractured fairy tales, true personal, and original tales. I love crafting and telling stories that take listeners to new places and help them imagine a bigger world.

I am the creator of #storyseeds, regular twitter and instagram posts designed to help everyone think a little more creatively and playfully. In these days of rancor and rage, it seems like a little whimsy and play is a good idea. You can find the first #storyseeds card deck here, on etsy.

I am the author of From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding, Crafting, and Telling a Great Story, a collection of essays to help every storyteller in their journey regardless of whether they are a beginner or a professional, and the accompanying From Audience to Zeal Workbook, with exercises, readings, and practical ways to become a better storyteller no matter the application. 

I am committed to helping everyone find their voice and tell their stories. Not only do I tell inspiring tales, I teach, coach, write, consult, and pretty much breath storytelling every single day. I know how powerful it can be and have seen it change lives. I believe that listening to each other with more attention; telling stories that are authentic to who we are, whoever that may be; and creating spaces that encourage connection, risk-taking, and reaching out can create a better world, where more of us have voice and agency.

Why Patreon?

I get a lot out of supporting artists and makers whose work I enjoy. Their creativity makes my life better, every single day, even if I don't listen to their music or stories, read their words, look at their creations. Just knowing it's there helps me feel more at home in the world and more inspired to do good things. Patreon and other services mean I can pay them for their work and encourage them to create more. I don't believe artists should work for free, so it fits into my ethics and beliefs.

I was talking with a friend about all of this and she commented, "You know, I bet there are people who would like to support you more. Maybe you should launch a Patreon page." It was a cartoon moment, I swear a lightbulb went on over my head. 

Money from this Patreon will help support me as I create and tell more stories both live, written, and recorded; help more people become better storytellers; and use the power of storytelling to build a more connected, compassionate, and entertaining world.

So why should you support me?

First and foremost, when you support me you get the satisfaction of knowing you make good work possible. No one thrives without support and you are helping me be a better artist, teacher, consultant, writer, and coach. You have my deep gratitude.

Second, my patrons get some pretty cool perks. These range from access to my patron-only feed, to copies of my existing and new recordings and publications, to recordings of stories no one else has yet heard, to show comps, and more. I have set up reward tiers that give you more stories, more access, and give me the push we all sometimes need to create better art. 

Third, patronage means I can focus on doing the work that matters. I can record the next CD. I can work on my super-secret #storyseeds project. I can afford to take gigs with underserved communities. I can pay the fee to come to the next fringe festival. 

My promise

I promise to deliver on my perks. You will have a weekly patrons-only post or video and whatever other perks you've signed up for. I also promise to let you know if there will be an interruption of service, what's going on, and how long it might last. I don't anticipate this happening often if at all.
I promise to create the best work I can.
I promise to help others find their stories to the best of my ability.
I promise to nurture a supportive, positive, and inclusive community of people who love stories.

So now what?

If you've gotten this far then you already know that storytelling matters and that I am always striving to do more. Why should you support me? Because you believe in this kind of work, in me, in the power of shared story to create a better world. Let's see what we can do together.

79% complete
When I reach $1000 a month two things happen. First, I can now pay my rent and health insurance no matter how little work I may have this month. Thank you. Second, I will hire a part-time virtual admin to help me with marketing and administrative tasks. This will give me more time to create and will help me be more organized.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 146 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 146 exclusive posts
Audio releases

Recent posts by Laura Packer — storyteller, coach, real-time dreamer

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