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is creating Acrylic paintings, digital illustrations, and art prints.
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- Access to Patreon feed which includes finished art before social media release, behind the scenes and  work in progress.

-Downloadable Color sheets! 

- Monthly Postcard written and addressed just for you,  keeping the snail mail alive! 

(will be a brand new postcard design each month, not yet available to the general public) 

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-15% off in my Etsy Shop 

-Monthly postcard parcel in the mail

includes postcard print, original art and some extra lagniappe 

(sticker, photograph, letter)

-everything from previous tier 

- Access to Patreon feed which includes finished art before social media release, polls, work in progress, and sketches.



About Lauren Marie Art

Bienvenue! thank you for visiting.
This is a platform where people can donate monthly to crowdfund their favorite artists. Financially supporting an artist enables them to create more content, which in turn helps to fill the world with the wonderful things you're into.
and in this case colorful, wonderful colorful things! 
Your support will help provide me with a guaranteed monthly income that will allow me to create new work, invest in new products, grow this little business and spread my color magic. 
You can start from as little as $5 a month, and cancel anytime.

I’m Lauren Marie a self-taught painter, digital illustrator, general creator and photographer based in New Orleans.  
Really im just a grown up kid with big artistic dreams who is still genuinely excited every day that I get to create and share my passion.
My main focuses are Acrylic paintings and digital illustrations with a bit of photography sprinkled in. 

My goal:
My main goal is to provide everyone the opportunity for color and magic in their lives! 
As a great supporter of personalized snail mail (send someone you love a letter!)
I plan to create a larger line of postcards and other stationary. I am working to offer a broad variety of fine art prints so i can offer a wider range of pricing options. Art should be affordable for everyone, even those of us who don't always have the extra to spend.

Other goals include
- always exploring my medium and use of color. 
- finish a handful of original painting series I have in the works. 

12 of 40 patrons
When i reach 40 patrons, i will be able to release a line of greeting cards and offer a larger size print. 
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