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Hi there, I'm Laurie Blake!
I’m a fresh out of university and recently published author who lives in Guildford, UK. I’ve written stories of one kind or another my entire life, and now I'm excited to start my brand new web serial series, Schism!

As a writer, I'm doing what I love; creating stories for people to enjoy. But creating the stories are only part of it! I love being able to have an audience, to see how people react to my tales, see what they enjoy, what speaks to them. That's why I give away the books I'm working on for free, releasing five thousand words a week of each book and letting anyone enjoy them. Every week I think of those reading and it inspires me to keep going, to keep writing and creating new and exciting stories for them to enjoy.

If you appreciate my work and want me to keep going too, then this Patreon can let you give me a small amount to give me that freedom. By being my audience, you let me share my work. By giving me a couple of dollars a month, you afford me time enough to create work to share. On top of that, my goals are there to improve the experience of everyone, and my rewards give you what I can to show my appreciation back.

Of course, not everyone can donate. My core services won't change, and you can still support me by leaving nice comments on the various places I share my work, and by showing it to other people! If you know anyone who might enjoy my stories, then by sharing it with them you support me just as much as paying me.

Thanks for reading, and most of all, please enjoy!
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You'll gain access to a quarterly Q&A over google hangouts, where you ask me questions, chat, and share your thoughts on my work for a couple of hours. PLUS everything else above!
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You'll get a signed physical copy of any finished books once a story is complete, along with a signed printed postcard of the book cover! PLUS everything else above!
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(£75) I'd really love to give some information behind the scenes, let you get to know the writing process as much as the writing itself! So how about a weekly author commentary vlog about each new segment posted where I can talk about the concepts and ideas behind each chapter, the processes I use to write them, and even what bits were tough to write? Awesome!
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