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About Lavishscript

Hi there,

Thank you for gracing this profile. I thank you for stumbling here or purposefully coming here in search of what I hope to be interesting content from Kenya to you

It is not about me but how I can help you and I hope my content does so. I cannot make money from Medium because they do not support users from Kenya so your donations and contributions would not be received.

For the sake of having some knowledge about me let me mention a few things.

I have spent 15 years living abroad between Botswana, South Africa and Canada.

I work in the aviation industry as an aviation manager but I also micro-influence in the food and travel industry

I would like to give you useful information about Kenya whether you are considering visiting Kenya as a tourist or business destination.

I would like to think I am transparent and in the branding industry trust is coupled with transparency which is a vital currency to get coin for work done. 

I hope to enrich you with useful information and I also would like to make friendships. I am not on this website purely for money but I hope to meet good humans as that is a dying breed.

Much love,
warm regards,
Daniel Kihonge 

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