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My name is Steve (aka Wanderer)
and I'm making webcomics and apps! 

What are my comics about?

I currently make THREE series! One called Lawyer'd, another called The Adventures of Zing and a new short called Jam! This project is a bit different in that it's a self-funded webcomic, meaning you get the comics for free on and soon Webtoon! Don't forget to join the Discord server! ]

Lawyer'd is a slice-of-life dramedy about the exploits of a moony cartoony lawyer named Georges Loon living "the bar life" in a place called Nowhere. The series focuses on two main themes: the struggles and trials of a lawyer, and the importance of friendship.

The Adventures of Zing is an action-adventure fantasy dramedy about a young and eccentric hero in an alternate universe. Zing's world is one of high technology, but his journey is more than a bit strange, as he must use technology to defend himself against bizarre foes.

Jam! is a story that follows a bear's jams with life as he faces financial challenges, a panic disorder and often times terrible judgment with food choices. His jaded, wine-loving, potato-obsessed "foxy" companion winds up dealing with the aftermath, but they make it work.

These projects will feature original characters, art and writing by not just myself, but also friends and collaborators that may want to join me in creating this story- including you! The first issues will be one-shot adventures, with the next arc (and all subsequent installments) to be ongoing webcomics. The greater the readership, support and demand, the more responsive and rewarding following the series will become. I'll also be adding my scenic artwork into reward content as well as general art for fans to enjoy from both series.

What are my Discord Bots/Apps about?

The Discord Bots I develop are special creative-focused bots made to encourage and deliver creativity! I currently develop TWO Discord Bots. One is called Qenjagy, a bot focused on the webcomic universe of Lawyer'd and special content deliver, and another called InCharacter for role-players looking for a way to better create, archive, share and utilize their muses in Discord communities! Both bots are free to use with premium features with web front-ends coming.

Subscribing to ANY tier gets you Qenjagy Premium on the Lawyer'd server. Qenjagy Premium means you can receive and use "Collectable" rarity items that reveal hidden scenes on the webcomic! These hidden scenes are exclusive to users with Premium and will only be accessible if you have the Collectable item in your inventory by using the item to open the locked scene. Scenes may be alternate panels, deleted scenes, special art and more!

Subscribing to any $5+ tier gets you access to InCharacter Premium codes each month for Premium hours. InCharacter Premium gets you extra features like styles, character sharing and all the latest universe building features with each update. For the $5 tier, you'll get a unique one-time code each month that can be redeemed on Discord for 35 days of Premium. The code can be shared so if you don't use it you can give it away to friends! On higher tiers, you'll get even more hours making it easy to stock up on hours or get other friends on Premium too!

So why Patreon? Between being a lawyer, helping the charity I created to support the arts, student loans and managing the cost of living, there's little time I can juggle. That's where Patreon comes in. Becoming a Patron empowers me with the ability to make more time to make more things for you. While the comic content is originally digital, your support will also allow me to make prints and awesome merch for supporters and convention tables. The more support, the more time I can spend on the content and also work on the associated Discord bots too!

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