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About Lawzilla (♥‿♥)

❥ Introduction

Hey everyone ♥ My name is Lau, but everyone knows me as Lawzilla or Law. I'm a Spanish Pin-up and NSFW artist. Drawing is and will forever be my greatest hobby ! Two years ago I began drawing NSFW art and spicy pin-ups ~ I always try to improve as much as I can, I'm not an expert or anything near that though. I have much more to learn and I'm glad I have people to support me through this journey.

❥ Why Patreon ?

Why...? well, everyone has bills to pay. And there's nothing better to make a living out of your hobby, make a living out of something you love to do. so I decided to create a Patreon in order to people that likes my work could support me and help me getting better as an artist as well !
You can become a Patron and help me out with my projects. Also I'll offer monthly rewards like comissions, special versions of my pin-up and NSFW drawings art and more that will be only uploaded here if you're a patron.

❥ Questions and Answers

* How does my rewards work?
I will be doing monthly commissions for Master (20$) to Black Heart (200$) tiers. You can get commissions from me monthly of your favourite characters ! All you have to do is message me with the references of the character(s) and pose(s) through Patreon or Discord (Lawzilla#6472) if you're a high-tier Patron.

* Important for Tier 20$ and up! Please read before pledging!
For the Commission Rewards (Grandmaster to Black Heart) the limit to submit your idea is the 10th of each month! If you don't, the reward will be forfeit so be sure to send it before the deadline. If you pledge after the 10th I won't be able to do the personal commission reward for that month so it's better to wait until next month to pledge!
Please have in mind that in higher commission rewards, the completion time of these can be from 2 to 3 months max. Be patient and don't be too pushy, please.

* When will I get access to your Patreon posts? Do I have to wait a month to get the full reward package?

No. You don't have to. You'll get access to all of my posts depending on your tier the moment you pledge. Enjoy ~

* Do we have a chance to vote the characters we want to see in the future?
Yes. I do polls over Patreon of different videogames/ girls so you can vote for your favourite.

* I can't support you on Patreon, what else can I do?
Don't worry! I understand not everyone can afford Patreon. You can support me over my other social media, reblogs, likes and comments are super appreciated. I always make sure to read all of them :)!

Have in mind that I only distribute my exclusive content via Patreon or Gumroad, leaks/leak pages are ilegal and we will take legal actions on them.

❥ By last...

Wohooo! You made it to the end ! I hope you enjoy my work. Your support keeps my art alive and makes it happen... thank you so much for reading this ♥ 
Due to Patreon's rules and politics regarding nsfw/provocative art, all the posts are from "Patreon Only" and on.
85% complete
Seriously? > u>
- Event pics like Halloween/Summer/Xmas with all the versions including voting polls so you can decide the game and the girls you want in it :)
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