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Thank you so much for your support! Every patron gets a downloadable PDF of each print edition of the comic as it is completed (at a page a week, usually about an issue a year) and access to patrons-only posts with sketchbook art, opportunities to suggest future side comics, and anything else I come up with.
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I write novels for my day job (romance mostly, urban fantasy and steampunk coming soon), and anytime I have a book out, except in rare cases where there's some contractual reason why I can't do this, supporters on this level can get it for free.
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About Layla Lawlor

Hello! I'm Layla Lawlor and I'm the creator of Kismet: Sun-Cutter.

Sun-Cutter is a full-color graphic novel that updates on Mondays, starting September 1, 2014. 

The first graphic novel in the Kismet series, Hunter's Moon, is online for free, as are a number of Kismet short comics set in the same universe. I am committed to always keeping Kismet free and online, and early next year I'll be doing a Kickstarter for a Hunter's Moon printed graphic novel. I worked on Hunter's Moon from 2002-2006 and never missed an update. I am eager to continue the characters' adventures, and I have more graphic novels planned after Sun-Cutter, as well as a ton of side stories; as a supporter, you will be able to choose which ones I work on next!

Patreon pledges support me doing what I love. At the same time, I don't want anyone to feel obligated to pledge in order to enjoy the comic. If you feel the comic is worth supporting and you can afford it, I appreciate the support. If not, please enjoy the comic! (I also welcome non-monetary forms of support -- comments and reblogging updates on Tumblr are always wonderful ways to help me keep going!) There is more information for patrons at the Patron FAQ page.
$40 of $50 per month
If we reach this goal (again!), I'll post a brand-new 6-page side story as a reward. Patrons get to pick what I work on.
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