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LazuriteMC is a 1.14 Minecraft Server owned by two server developers who have been making server for over four years together.

What kind of server is LazuriteMC?

LazuriteMC is a 1.14 economy survival server with some custom features sprinkled throughout. Some of these custom features include revamped fishing, mining, and a custom item currency used for custom trinkets, tools, weapons, armor, and crate keys. Another custom feature is expeditions, but this is still work in progress. We try to keep our community as friendly and positive as possible so you can have an enjoyable experience.

Why Patreon?

With donation stores, it can be hard for players to donate a consistent amount of money to the server if it only offers permanent donor ranks or other small items. However, setting donor ranks to monthly items can turn off a player from wanting to donate. Thus, having a separate place that fully supports monthly donations is a great way to allow players who want to help pay for the server.

How will my money be used?

Monthly donations here on Patreon will go directly towards the server costs. With our server costs (plus fees) being shown through our goals, players can see if the server is able to sustain itself or not. Any extra money earned here will go with the store donations to further improve the server through server upgrades, new plugins, marketing, etc.

I have some questions.

That's fine if you have some questions. You can either reach out to us through our e-mail or on our Discord server. Thank you for checking out our Patreon page and we hope you consider becoming a patron to LazuriteMC!
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Reaching this goal would mean that the server cost would be handled entirely off of Patreon. That way, 100% of donations could go towards improving the server!
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