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About Krzysztof Piszko


I'm Krzysztof Piszko, also known as LazyBun. I'm a sofware engineer during the day and dirty hacker during the night.

I've created this page because of Budziol project. Its popularity got out of hand and well - it started to cost me too much money to maintain the thing. I've decided to put Budziol offline for a month or so until I came up with an idea about making Budziol cost less. I've put up a notice about going offline for some time. Additionaly, I put a following message on the site: "If you just can't live without your funny pics and would like to help me keep it running, please reach out to me at [email protected]". I didn't expect any e-mail from anybody. Well - I was wrong.

So if anybody wants to support my hobby of nighttime website hacking then feel free to do so - all income from this Patreon will go to maintaining and upgrading a website. Who knows - maybe I'll do requests.


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