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About Lazylonewolf

Hi there! I’m Lazylonewolf, or just call me Kevin if you’re uncool.

I make a silly little webcomic called Cat Nine, a slice-of-life/comedy about an adopted cat that can turn into a catgirl and other animals, oh, and it takes place in the Philippines. Cat Nine has been up since 2013 (or 2008 if you count the older version) but sadly, I’ve really never had the time to work on it properly because of life, work, and stuff. I hate that, and the readers hate it too!

Cat Nine will stay free for everyone, but with your help, I can finally focus on the comic AND you’ll get some goodies to show my gratitude. By pledging a certain amount of money per month, you'll get the Rewards to the right. That's not all, by pledging you'll also contribute to reaching the Goals to the left. Some of these Goals give everyone additional rewards, and your name will be added to the Patron page Hall of Fame during the month a Goal was reached. If you use Discord (Cat Nine's Discord here), you'll also have access to the patron-only channel and have a different color depending on the tier.

If you'd rather show support with no strings attached (donating anonymous possible), you can also donate through my ko-fi page or the button below (and I actually love coffee!). Your name will also be added to the Patron page.

Patrons (well, anyone really) can log-in to Cat Nine using the button below. If you're a patron and logged-in, it'll hide advertisements in the site, and higher-tiers will hide more (or all) ads!

$123 of $300 per month
3 bonus artwork and 2 fan art every month. It doesn't seem much, but this is enough for me to call myself a pro now! Thank you, really!
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