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About L.C. Mawson

Okay, look, I'm gonna be honest. I might have gotten into a little bit of trouble involving me over-estimating my alcohol tolerance, a stupid bet, and a trickster god...

Long story short, I might have to write a book a month or... Well, you don't want to know the consequences.

Anyway, a lot of people actually seem to like these books, and I kind of need to eat while I write. Usually, I just transform into a dragon and steal some sheep, but I've started to attract the attention of a local adventurers guild, so I should probably keep a low profile for a while.

That's where Patreon comes in!

If you like my books and want them delivered to you every month, you can sign up for the cost of a book a month (which won't be charged if I miss that month, though we'll have much bigger problems to deal with if that happens...) to have the book sent out to you.

And if you want some other freebies - including exclusive short stories, novellas, and old, completed novels that I have no intention of putting anywhere else - you can sign up for a little extra!

Want to check out some of my free books before you sign up? You can find them here.

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