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  • Full access to the ever-growing  2019 library of Teleios Academy Life Course videos teachings which we teach most weeks. As of Aug '19 this is valued at over $220+ and set to grow beyond 25 videos in 2019.
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About LeaderHeart's David and Natalie Tensen

Teaching, Poetry, Musings, Resources and more.  If you're on this page, our guess is, something has sparked your interest in moving towards authentic life, faith and relationships.

David and Natalie Tensen would love to empower, challenge and connect you with regular audio and video material.  As active as David is in his writings on his blog and Facebook, there is always more behind the writing, poetry and teaching to share.  This is your opportunity to engage deeper with the thoughts, ask questions, connect with others and get access to a generous library of audio and video material David and Natalie have produced over the past 7 years.

If you haven't watched our intro video "What you get as a patron", go ahead - it'll explain how it works!
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