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  • Please read the entire list below before signing up
  • Your sub needs to be ACTIVE to receive benefits
  • Nude Customization in the shower (Shower Pack)
  • Nude Showering w/ custom animations (Shower Pack)
  • Nude Characters in Pose3D (Shower Pack)
  • Pubic Hair Customization in the shower (Shower Pack)
  • Pubic Hair visible with qualifying outfits (Shower Pack)
  • Premium Account Status
  • (5) Character Customization look Slots
  • (5) Aura effects in Character Customization
  • In-Game VIP Supporter Badge
  • Specialized Name Color for in-game chat
  • Early Look preview for any new cosmetics
  • 20% Costume Shop Discount
  • 20% Battle Pass Progress Speed 
  • 20% XP Reward Bonus
  • 20% BP Reward Bonus
  • 20% Gold Reward Bonus
  • 20% Shard Reward Bonus
  • 20000 Daily Gold Drop
  • 2500 Daily Shard Drop
  • 50000 Monthly Gold Drop
  • 5000 Monthly Shard Drop
  • 2x Daily Atonement Rewards
  • Unlimited SP
  • Unlimited Boosting for Alt. Characters
  • Unlimited Character Customization after Awakening
  • Unlimited Beauty Album Sharing/Uploads (Character Blueprints, Photos, Poses and Pose3D Scenes)
  • 4K Photo Sharing/Upload ability (Beauty Album).
  • Unlimited Gun Range Sessions
  • One Extra Daily Epic Crate
  • One Extra Time Step Spin every 15 minutes
  • Access to Maiden Plus exclusive events
  • First Look access to any new software
  • Access to Maiden Plus member polls to vote on upcoming decisions about the games direction
  • Unique 'Maiden Plus Subscriber' Discord role
  • Access to Maiden Plus Exclusive Discord Channels discussing upcoming features, voting on upcoming outfits and more
  • Access to Maiden Plus Exclusive Discord Voice Channel
  • Our sincerest thanks and gratitude for being a part of the Maiden Nation and supporting our development

    ***Maiden+ is NOT a 30 day service. You MUST have an active subscription to receive benefits. This is how Patreon works and is beyond our control.

    ***All benefits last for as long as your membership is active.

    ***Benefits listed above can be purchased in-game individually without subscription at a higher cost.
Includes Discord benefits

About Maiden Gaming


THANK YOU for considering supporting our project. League of Maidens is currently in open alpha stage. Your pledge gives you amazing exclusive benefits not available to non-members. Our number one goal is to continue to add features, content and add more polish to League of Maidens before making it available in an open alpha. With your continued membership and support we will use these funds to continue our development so that when it is time to release the game in an open alpha it will be a much better product and WE NEED YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT for that to happen. Thank you!!!


As a new threat emerges the Champions of the world fall and it is up to the legends of tomorrow to stand up and fight for mankind's survival.

League of Maidens® is an online superhero RPG game for PC featuring beautiful maidens with guns and super powers by the 3-man indie studio Maiden Gaming. League of Maidens features a unique blend of 3rd person 360 degree land, sea and air movement with classic gun controls and action combat melee and super power mechanics. Not only can you battle it out on the battlefield or complete quests, CREATE-POSE-SHARE-QUEST-BATTLE mechanics allow players to spend 100s of hours in our in-depth character customization system, pose created characters with our free Pose3D (4K Photos) and Motion3D (Videos) tools as well as share created characters, poses, scenes and photos with fellow players across the world.


Our character customization system offers OVER 200+ sliders for customization!!!

Over 80+ sliders for the face alone and over 50+ sliders for the body. FULL RGB color customization for every aspect of your character along with customization including but not limited to hair, makeup, eyebrows, eye shadow, lips, individual left and right eye customization, pupil, eye shadow, eye gloss, eye glow, eye highlight, eyelash, teeth (yes teeth customization), face, body, skin wetness, outfit wetness, skin gloss, skin shininess, pubic hair, sexual preference, outfit color, weapon color, race skins (9 different race types including furry race skins), hairstyles, wings, tattoos, horns (3 different sets at anytime), furry ears, furry tails, eyewear (glasses), masks (superhero and non-superhero)(2 different masks at anytime), pets, mounts, facial expressions, poses, body presets, voice customization, emotes, 70+ HDR Back grounds for photo taking while in character customization and Pose3D and MORE!!! 

Versatility extends to what many other systems lack for example 11 sliders for the breast, 9 sliders for the butt alone, 4 sliders just for the hips, 7 sliders for the thighs and 6 sliders for the genitals. The amount of customization is astounding making the possibilities for creating the character of your dreams LIMITLESS!!!


Not much into starting from scratch when it comes to creating your war maiden? We've got you covered. Open up the FREE Beauty Album system and select from any of the shared blueprints, photos, poses or scenes from our amazing community. Looking for a preset to jump start your creation? Simply open the beauty album and click one button to load any of the amazing presets available with ZERO limitations on your war maidens existing class type. The beauty album also serves as a way to share photos of war maidens as well as Pose3D scenes as well as share poses for your war maidens in Pose3D.


League of Maidens® is a 3D third-person superhero action adventure game developed by Maiden Gaming for Microsoft Windows. In League of Maidens, players take control of War Maidens, immortals with superhuman powers tasked with protecting or destroying mankind.

The game features lighting fast 360 degree freedom for air, ground and sea combat. Third person gun shooting, projectile attacks, melee fighting with combo ability and combo counters, human flight, swimming, grabbing enemies while flying at high speeds, in-depth character customization, a posing tool, a photo mode, building and recruiting military assets (soldiers, tanks, turrets, war ships and jets), Giantess related skills and Giantess Monster Hunting and much more.


League of Maidens features a Pose3D mode that allows players to pose individual or multiple war maidens in created scenes with integrated post processing and instant 4K photo capability. Create amazingly beautiful group or solo shots with your war maidens to post and share anywhere!!!


Motion Replay® is a 100% free and awesome feature of League of Maidens® allowing players to step onto the battlefield with a professional film camera. In fact it is the exact same tool that we used in-house to capture some of the beautifully cinematic moments of the game trailer. Choose a lens and aperture then Start/Stop/Pause or even slow down the speed to capture that perfect moment. Even change the angle of the sun, the density of the clouds or the intensity of the rain. With so many options to choose from the possibilities are endless.


We at Maiden Gaming want to stress that this game belongs to YOU! We want your feedback of what you want to see in this game.

Our goal at Maiden Gaming is to strive to become a studio that develops AAA quality games with sexy and beautiful women pushing the boundaries of what the mainstream deems acceptable when it comes to sexy content in video games. If you are tired of the complaints about seeing beautiful and sexy women in your video games and your tired of having to translate languages or installing mods just to see half naked sexy women in your games we ask you to PLEASE support us to make this game and others a reality. If we can accomplish this BUILD with zero dollars and only two developers on the client side and one developer on the server side imagine how much we can accomplish with a bigger team and a real budget.

We have the knowledge and the know how to create anything. Our only limitation is budget. We did not use Kickstarter because we wanted to put our money where our mouths are and show a product first before attempting to ask a community to support us. So this game, this build is essentially just that. Any purchases NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL that you make in our COSTUME SHOP will help to support us to continue adding content and improvements.

ALSO, we ask that you PLEASE SHARE THE NEWS ABOUT LEAGUE OF MAIDENS. IT IS extremely important for us to get the word out! post on message boards, follow Us on twitter and share our tweets. every like, every follow, every share counts.

If there is ANYTHING that you would like to see in this game or if you would like to join our growing community of amazing supporters please click the DISCORD link on the desktop after closing this message and join our community. Our success or failure lies in YOUR HANDS! YES... YOU! PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE THIS GAME AND FUTURE TITLES A SUCCESS BY BECOMING A PATREON MEMBER AND PURCHASING SOMETHING IN THE SHOP TO SUPPORT US.


- maidengaming

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