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About Leah Doellinger Animal Activist

Leah Doellinger (Whetton on court media articles)
Animal Activist since 2016
Charged 26 times
Raided 3 times:
(3 Phones, 1 laptop, drone, cameras, radios, pet carriers, clothing and car seized during raids)
Currently wearing a police ankle monitor as a bail condition. Trial is set for 23rd August for allegedly Entering with intent to commit indictable offence by break, theft (Chickens), Possess thing intended for use in connection with offence (pet carriers), Contravening order necessary to access information stored electronically. Denied bail and held in custody for 2 days.

Open rescue since 2016

Founder of Meat The Victims (2018) @meat_the_victims
Meat The Victims is a global movement of the growing community coming together to expose the truth of animal agriculture and the exploitation and suffering of non human animals we share this planet with.

10 Countries / 22 Actions
Northern Ireland
Texas xxx
(Due to Covid quite a few actions had to be cancelled including new countries. They are due to take place 2021)

Face Your Food is finally happening! Launch set for August/September.

Studying Bachelor of  Nutrition and Dietetics full time at university so that I can also come from another angle to take down animal ag and their lies. As an accredited dietician I can help so many humans and non human animals at the same time, I can educate in schools, gyms, and my main focus will be getting into policy making and continue to use my online platforms to spread the truth. Being in uni is very expensive, plus I have no time to work and who would hire someone with a police ankle monitor.

Your support will assist me in, a) continuing to be an activist, b) the financial repercussions of my activism, c) aid me through full time university, d) continue growing Meat The Victims & Face Your Food, and d) eventually be able to pay Massin @mas8in to assist with MTV, and FYF and recruit and train organisers in Europe
I have BIG plans, for a wellness and activism centre at completion of my bachelor's degree

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